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Thursday, October 6, 2011


George Offerman

I am still dealing with some concerning the precious metals markets and the volatility issue.  I’m not sure whether I am writing unclearly, or if it is that some are not reading what I write, but claiming they are, or if it is simply pure raw emotions, and an inability or unwillingness to do any research on this subject.  Any way that it is, people ought to be making informed decisions concerning their money and need to be actively involved in these matters.  I am not asking anyone to take my word blindly, I am presenting well researched and documented positions on the silver market and informing the readers of the well documented and 100% failure rate of paper currency throughout history.  I am encouraging readers to do some research themselves, but I also think we have a time crunch we are dealing with, and I’m going to throw out my conclusions because there is not time to waste.  But still do some research, as it does not take as much time as one may think.

People cannot allow themselves to get bent out of shape over some rough times in the market.  We are in a marathon, and the goal of all investing is to have more money, or net worth at the end of the timeframe in which one chooses to exit the workforce or pass on wealth, or whatever goal one has set for themselves.  Virtually every book on wealth will tell you that those who did well went against the ‘herd”.  What is the ‘herd’ doing now?  Going into cash and US treasuries.  They are also running headlong into the slaughter house, but are being told it is the safe house to hide in against the oncoming storm that is nearly here.  Who is telling us to get into cash and treasuries?  The puppet MSM, with CNBSC leading the pack.  Who owns the MSM?  The money powers.  What else does the money powers own?  The Federal Reserve, and all central banks.  What are the Federal Reserve and central banks buying now?  Mainly gold, but starting to purchase silver through the ETF’s.  Do you think the money powers want to share wealth with you or me?  HELL NO!!!

What is at stake here folks is plain old fashioned survival.  People that are seeing the light and grasping what is about to happen are preparing, and part of this is in getting out of paper assets and into tangibles.  When this wave hits, and it will be huge, it will wash away very quickly those who are not anchored down and it will be relentless and devastating.  I am seeing reports daily about things like this government buying large amounts of MRE’s, along with other necessary survival gear.  There are wealthy people expatriating at an alarming rate.  There are even what one may consider to be ‘mainstream’ folks who have decided to purchase farm land and leave the cities without any real experience of country living.  People all over are starting to sense big trouble, but unfortunately, most are still not acting on this, and doing their imitation of a deer in the headlights.   Some are still in denial, and believe ‘things will turn around soon’.

As I have said in the recent past, this is not a pleasurable task, nor am I excited about what silver will do if it means the devastation of everything I know and those I love.  But it also does no good to invest in some make believe future that has no chance in hell of ever happening and lead others into this delusion.  There simply is too much evidence, and too many people (even some from the ranks of the money powers are now saying an economic collapse is on its way) to write this off as ‘conspiracy theory’.  It seems, unfortunately that it will be those that embraced a scenario of a very quick and devastating crash that will be correct when all is said and done.  If that is the case, it will be more nightmarish than what I can imagine or write about.  It seems unlikely that the crash will be methodical and slower, which would give us time to adjust and transition into the simpler lifestyles that will be required to survive and thrive in the new times.  It seems many will be left behind, but not in the good sense of the word.

I can hope that I am way off on this matter and be as wrong as a person can be.  This would be one topic I wish I could write about and have to retract due to errors I’ve made.  I wish I could fall into the magical thinking trap, and see a bright and prosperous future ahead of us, and I wish I could believe those in power are lead by love and have a strong faith in God that would lead them into making the right decisions.  But unfortunately, I am not delusional, and none of the wishes stated above are happening.  I cannot give strong enough warnings for what is coming.  It is unfortunate the Church and those who should be warning the public (if they actaully gave a damn) are not doing their jobs and due to their lack of vigilance, will not see this coming, and will mock those who are trying to get the warnings out before hand.  Get ready, because it is coming, and it is now on the doorstep.

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