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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


George Offerman

It ought to be more apparent as time goes by, that more and more of our rights are being taken away from us.  For many, it appears it is not a big deal, and many are under the allusion that we are still the freest people on the planet.  Simply because we are under the impression we can still 'move around' without alot of hassles that life is good and we can continue on in our own ways with no serious effects.  Too many people have not noticed the gradual numbers of rights taken away and write it off as 'national security' or other 'reasonable' excuses the government throws our way.  Unfortunately, the population has learned very well to walk lock step with what the government now requires of us.  It is the exact opposite of what is now needed in these times.

There are useless debates trying to hash out the various positions and those who want to split hairs over the 'freedoms' we have versus the 'safety' issues that now seem to dominate the discussions of people who have no clue as to the nature of this country and its founding.  Unfortunately, many who want to sound intelligent, but have never investigated the nature of what this country is about have not taken the time to learn about our rich history, and how these men pledged their lives, liberty and fortunes to see this nation free, not only for themselves, but for future generations.  These men had a vision, but also enough integrity and morals that they considered others before themselves, something very lost in most contemporary Americans.

It is sad that too many have been taught a revisionist history of our country, and as such, have no clear idea of what we ought to be fighting for, and how little tolerance we should have for people like Obama, and for parties like the current Democrats.  These people will not be satisfied until they control virtually every aspect of your lives and convince you that you are too stupid to make the most fundamental decisions for your own life.  And because of the lack of knowledge by the average American, they do not see or understand this loss of freedom, and hence, have little incentive to fight this encroachment of these violations.

we re on the verge of seeing more freedoms taken away as the economy goes south, and the unemployment remains the same, or increases, and more people become more despondent, and need more government assistance to just make it through daily life.  We are likely to see more government intrusion into our lives, and those fortunate enough to make a decent living will be 'required' to  participate in bailing out those 'less fortunate' and will end up themselves living on the margin.  It seems there is such a movement in this country to penalize those doing well, and to blame them for the problem the Banksters created by their greed.  We are seeing such messages being promoted by these 'occupy' movements that are also supporting Obama and encouraging Obama to do something about redistributing the wealth.

It has never been the job of government to redistribute wealth and/or pick winners and losers in society.  But that is what is being done today, and few are really angry over this government intrusion into places they have no business being in.  Obama and his minions will continue taking more freedoms away until the average American 'gets it' and begins to resist these encroachments.  we will continue to see rights taken away until we finally understand the issues, and decide that comfort and convenience are not worth the price asked to pay.  The day of reckoning is soon approaching, and we will need to decide what we are going to do about it.

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