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Monday, October 17, 2011


George Offerman

For those who still ‘don’t get it’, we had major headlines over the weekend that the EU had exactly 8 days to straighten out the financial problems that took decades to make.  We are seeing the balking of Germany and France, the two major countries that have the closest thing to a surplus, that are expected to bail out the deadbeat PIIGS nations, and in essence, reward bad behavior.  This is not looking good for the PIIGS, and by extension, not looking good for any of the nations that are spending more than they take in, which is most of them, or for any nations that are using paper currency for money, which is every one of them on the planet.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the next week, and see if the EU is able to kick the can further down Debt Avenue, or if they get sidetracked and end up in Default Alley where the money powers, err, muggers await them.  Without any changes in the business model used, and no real plan on stopping the excesses, there is no way this charade can continue much longer, and it is a certainty that the problems will leapfrog the pond and make their way here in very short order.  It seems very few over in Euro land have much hope in this turning out even remotely well, and it seems many are beginning to bunker down and finally take these warnings seriously.

It’s too bad we aren’t getting the message and showing the same urgency as many are over there.  I guess the distractions are too many, and with the recent monsoons ending, many are taking advantage of the nice fall weather and living what used to be normal activities and acting like things will simply plod along, and Europe’s problems will continue to be Europe’s problems and stay over there.  No, I am not getting the urgency over here that ought to be occurring, but I have come to expect nothing different and it will most likely not hit until many have had an empty belly for a few days, and the realization has set upon them, that there are no more supplies coming to those magical places called the supermarkets, and the shelves will not be replenished.

Of course, many would balk at the last couple of statements I made, and cannot fathom anything remotely coming close to that scenario, but it’s already started in certain parts of the world.  The easy credit and “I’ll pay for it later” mentality will give into the reality of credit meltdown, and it will be a painful lesson learned the hard way, and with little to no warning proceeding it.  All of the fiat currencies are in a race to the bottom.  They all will ultimately fall to their intrinsic value: $0.  It is a matter of which goes first, and how the particular peoples and government react to that event is what will determine the future course.  But we are definitely getting near the end of this fiasco, and it will play itself out.

I’m hoping it does not happen on or by this Friday, as we have one more ‘end of the world’ scenario thrown out by Mr. Camping.  But if you have not made any preparations as of yet, it might be a real good idea to get an extra flashlight or two, and about two weeks worth of water and food.  When credit dries up, so will all commodities we come to depend on, and we will find out in short order how big of a mistake it is to not be ready for any contingency.  There are those who believe 'this too shall pass' without major repercussions, but they think this way at their own risk.  One day soon, our 'good luck' will run out and we too shall know want.  Better to be prepared a year early than try to do so a day late.

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