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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


George Offerman

Regardless of what one may think of Gaddafi, the man had every right to be taken into custody once surrendering and deserved a trial for the entire world to see.  To all those out there who cheered and jeered at the brutality of what happened: pray you are not subject to the same behavior yourself.  I only watched the video after reading various disputes whether he was taken alive or not, and many of the video’s online clearly showing Gaddafi alive and apparently pleading for his life.  I could not stomach watching after that as they unmercifully brutalized this man, and my understanding is there are many Gaddafi supporters bodies being found that were executed with hands tied behind their backs.
Now, we are getting word that the ‘new Libya” will be ‘Sharia friendly” and by the likes of what the world has seen so far, this new Libya may well be more brutal and bloody than the previous 42 years had been under Gaddafi.  Why people are so happy to see this ‘terrorist’ executed, to only see a possibly more brutal regime take over is beyond me.  It would seem we are going to get a much worse deal out of this situation, and ultimately may find we are in a much worse position.
We, as a supposed Christian nation, seem to have a blood thirst that makes the Muslim world look moderate.  We are currently involved militarily with at least 5 countries now, all in the name of ‘terrorism’ that seems to never raise its murderous head.  If we really consider our Christian heritage, and live by the golden rule, would we like to see ourselves, or loved ones, be pulled out of our homes or other situations, and executed on the spot by human beings acting more like animals?  Now, I am not saying Gaddafi was an innocent man, and that he did not commit crimes against humanity, but as a man who should have rights, he was treated worse than most people would treat a mangy dog.   
Many have used the law of sewing and reaping in the case of Gaddafi, in saying that Gaddafi got what he deserved, and reaped the fruits of his labors.  Maybe so, but what about us, who may have sat back and ‘cheered’ this action?   Could we at some point be subjected to the same behaviors by those, who for instance, may hate Christianity, or don’t particularly care for our ’brand’ of it?  What, if in the very near future, we are seen as ‘terrorists’ due to what we hold dear, and are hunted down like dogs.  What about those, who may watch this on television and cheer our demise as many did with Gaddafi?  It sure is possible, and may be very likely in our future.
There ought to be no joy in what happened last week.  Despite the fact this man did despicable things to a population for over 40 years, he should have had his day in court, and those who want to take the moral position that they are superior to him, should not have acted like he did, and take away basic human rights and wantonly murder without due process.  The new Libya may very well be a brutal and bloody place, with little justice being done, and in the name of Allah.  We need to be bigger than the sociopaths and thugs and show them the rights they may deny us, or we might as well join them and take on the same label.

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  1. Gadaffi's execution was a sad thing to witness. Apparently he said do you not know right from wrong before they executed him.

    I don't understand the cheer and jeer mentality either but the media is a great tool used for polluting the mind of society.

    Does anyone remember the lie that was spread by the media that sadam gassed his own people? It was the iranians that gassed them but nobody seems to investigate the truth behind that lie.

    Often when you talk to someone about sadam's execution the first thing that a person will answer in order to justify their opinion is that sadam deserved to die because he gassed his own people.