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Saturday, October 29, 2011


George Offerman
For those expecting a movie review, I will not be giving one now, or ever.  I will not see this movie under any circumstances and I will take it a step further and state no Christian should go to see a movie like this.  I have read reviews and watched a couple of the trailers on you tube, and that was more than likely even too much.  The little I did see is what I suspected when hearing of this movie: that it is filled with occult material and advanced spiritualism.  While I am sure it’s intended to be ‘pure fiction’ one ought to consider the overall purpose of a movie like this.  Does it bring about a fuller understanding of our humanity in a way that inspires us, or does it distract us with images that impede our walk with the Lord?
I have heard and read on the various blogs and comment sites about how many adults want to get ‘psyched up’ for the ‘holiday’ and this movie does the trick.  I have also seen many comments about how people in their 50’s still look under the bed before going to sleep, shutting the closet door, and having night lights.  And these same people state these movies are ‘harmless entertainment’.  Then why go through the rituals as if there are monsters, spirits or demons in one’s room if none of it is real?
The problem is that most people (and I’m referring to Christians here) are very unaware of how the spiritual realm works and what happens when it is accessed.  I covered this in one of my hermeneutics postings, forbidden knowledge and the mystery religions, and will briefly go over this again.  The spiritual realm is superior to our realm, and as such if one accesses this realm, they are subject to its rules.  God has revealed enough information pertaining to this realm, and has warned us in the strongest of terms to stay out of it.  Doorways to this realm come from the most menial, and what appears to be harmless activities, and then infects the person and begins to make changes in them that are fear based.
Sure, many may argue that they have nothing more than occasional nightmares, but what justification is that when considering one uses their free will in allowing this garbage into their minds to begin with?  The problem in watching these types of movies, and the justification for doing so demonstrates the lack of knowledge concerning spiritual matters and the need to be vigilant concerning them.  Most Christians lack a good understanding of the spiritual realm due to the Churches not teaching about them, or actually debunking them.  But ignoring or denying the spiritual realm does not negate the reality of it.
So, when people deliberately expose themselves to material that opens up this realm, they are not equipped and they will then be subject to disturbing dreams, fears pertaining to this realm that go beyond reasonable, and may begin to develop phobic reactions and some compulsive behaviors, such as sleeping with the lights on, checking underneath the bed before going to sleep and many other practices that give credence to these things.  If most people understood the nature of these movies, that they truly are gateways into the demonic realm, they would never see them in the first place.  But since they do, they discount the demonic, and by proxy the power of God as well...  These folks do not think about putting on the Armor of God, but insist on doing these things themselves.  They then have to deal with these realms on their own, and they do not acknowledge it is beyond their individual ability to do so.
This is how Satan has so much power today.  Most people don’t believe in a literal Satan, and the churches minimize its discussions on evil, demonic activity and hell.  There are fewer than 100 exorcists in the U.S. and most of the other Christian churches pay little attention to evil.  So not only are people not prepared in ways of combating evil, they are actually lead to believe it does not exist.  So evil flourishes, while holiness and sanctity are downplayed.  And our society continues to dabble in occultism and demonic materials in the name of ‘entertainment’ while continually going down on a negative trajectory.
I know many will have problems with this, and want to jump in on how this is being exaggerated and hyped.  I also believe many people, who would make this claim also believe all Christians, and most people will go to heaven no matter what they do, and evil and sin is an ancient and outdated concept.  While they may have all the right in the world to believe this and continue to go to movies like this, I want them to think of this as they may trash me and others who think like me: I sleep well with the lights off, I close all of my closets, and never check under the bed before the lights go out.  I love looking at the full moon and can sit outside alone for hours looking at the stars and listening to the wild life without experiencing bizarre thoughts and images.  If those folks who watch these movies can say the same, then keep doing what you’re doing.  Otherwise stay away from this demonic trash, as you ought to.

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