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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


George Offerman

It seems ESPN and ABC decided they did not like Hank Williams, Jr. depiction of Obama as Hitler, and decided to do the ‘politically correct’ thing and fire him from his gig on Monday Night Football. (Funny how many of the Nazi like socialists and others constantly used this term to describe George W. Bush, but did not suffer the same fate).  Given the majority of those who have no tolerance for speech such as this come from the ranks of the Democratic party (And you wonder why their party symbol is a donkey) it is no surprise the party that supposedly represents ‘open mindedness’ is the most intolerant of anyone making any criticism of anything they hold near and dear.  (No one ever accused Democrats of thinking).
Since this point is now open for debate, it is fair time to take a look at what exactly a Nazi is, and what a Nazi believes as embodied by Hitler.  The Nazi party embraced collectivism, and used language that spelled out in most people’s minds an ‘us versus them’ theme.  This collectivism necessitates taking over and controlling media, education, and even the regulation of religion.  The core of collectivism is the need for the total control over youth, and it is through indoctrination of the collectivist philosophy and vision for total control over society.  To accomplish this, there needs to be an identified enemy, and a relentless war is waged against this enemy.  Upon the enemy’s final defeat, there are then very strict measures put in place to ‘safeguard’ against the rise of any of these enemies, hence, a never ending system of monitoring and punishment for the least of infractions to be decided by the elite.
At the core of the Nazis, is the disrespect for life.  Hitler’s Germany first rid themselves of the elderly, infirmed, mentally challenged and overall ‘dregs of society’ such as the gypsies.  Hitler then made war on the mainline Christian churches especially Catholicism, and eventually ‘demonized’ the Jewish people.  Hitler authorized a massive eugenics and human experimentation program, funded by none other than the Rockefeller Foundation, and out of this, created massive amounts of biological and chemical warfare agents.  Hitler also authorized the destruction of any new born that showed any signs of imperfections, and attempted to breed the ‘master race’.  The Nazis embraced atheism and any and all scientific/philosophical methodologies that denied any reality of God or of absolute truth.
Through this brainwashing, Hitler was able to coerce the German population to accept the castigation of a whole race of beings, to the point of turning them in and having his minions systematically destroy millions of them.  Hitler was able to do this through dehumanizing language and terms that were emotionally loaded and got the majority to see these people as sub human, and deserving of imprisonment first, then finally execution on a massive scale.  This was done through a process of desensitizing the population and convincing they had no use or value in the new world (third Reich) being built.
Now, we need to consider what Obama and the Democratic Party has stood for over the past several decades.  Despite representing themselves as the party of the little guy, the Democratic Party in general and Obama in particular, are extremist in advocating legalized child killing, and push the abhorrent and grisly partial birth abortion procedure.  Some, even in their ranks, believe parent and society should have a right to allow murder of children up to two years old if they don’t meet the criteria of the parents and/or society.  Obama, in particular, was clear in his first campaign when pressed, advocated for his own daughters to murder their children if it interfered with their careers or other ‘social’ aspects of their lives (convenience).  Obama care will also introduce rationing of care, which will ultimately condemn some to death (who happen to be elderly, infirmed, mentally challenged, and soon to be defined dregs of society).
Obama has advocated a ‘brown shirt’ program for most of the youth, as a way of ‘paying back’ and ‘giving service’ to the country.  we are seeing more and more emphasis on taking over more responsibility from parents, and requiring children submit to the state in matters such as ‘mandatory vaccines’ questionable education, the deliberate undermining of parental authority for state control, and state education, which is already in place. 
Obama has been a huge advocate of stem cell research and is for all of the ‘scientific’ programs that explore all aspects of genetic modifications, as well as all scientific procedures that explore the realm that up until a few decades ago existed in the realm of the divine.  There is a systematic dismantling of anything resembling religion and the sacred in this society, and a march onto the new religion of the state and secularism.
Obama, more than any administration before him, has done more to alienate Christianity and the true American and has declared war on them.  Everything that represents what is true and good about this country is demeaned by this man, and unfortunately, a sizeable minority of the population, who remain rooted in ignorance and stupidity, believe in the garbage Obama and his evil administration pedal about the origins and underlying philosophy behind this country.
If there is anyone who embodies what Hitler stood for, it is Obama and his minions that simply have no clue about history, and are now condemned to repeat its gory repeat in our lifetimes.  Obama has already alienated and castigated the tea party, Christians, pro-lifers, second amendment advocates, and those who love what this country used to stand for and would love to see again.  In looking at what Hitler wanted to do, and what Obama is trying to do, I would have to agree with Hank Williams, Jr. and state this guy is too much like some lunatic who took over the reins of Germany over 60 years ago.

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