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Friday, October 14, 2011


George Offerman

It is amazing that despite the very difficult times we live in, how many people know so little about prophecy.  It seems there are many reasons for that, but ultimately, it seems to boil down to one issue: believability.  When the USCCB can come out and take an official position that the ‘creation-flood story’ did not actually happen as written, it naturally undermines what is written about the future(Revelation) and sews doubts about what will actually occur.  (Don’t worry, Revelation also covers that theme as well).

When one doesn’t believe, they don’t prepare.  Preparation has many steps, but for the sake of brevity here, we will consider the main steps which are: 1) learning, information gathering and knowledge, and 2) planning and action.  At the base for any preparation is believability.  If one doesn’t believe in whatever is being presented, there is absolutely no incentive to investigate further and there will be no action taken on any of the material being presented.  For instance, MOST of the people I talk to about the coming economic collapse think I’m a lunatic.  Hence, they will not read any of my writings, the web sites I recommend, and are surely not buying silver, or preparing for any trouble by at least getting some extra food and water.

When people don’t take the time to gather information or to learn about a subject, they are left to their own devices, or dependent upon other people to do the work for them.  In the arena of prophecy, there are many who are charlatans and spreading errors in order to make big $$$$ off of the fear they generate.  Others mean well, but grossly misinterpret prophecy in scripture to fit the headlines found in the godless MSM.  Still, others take many facets of Revelation out of their revealed order and attempt to ‘predict’ what these happenings are, such as the mark of the beast.  Then, when these events do not come to pass, many are turned off to Revelation, and begin to wander away from the faith and fall into the trap that these matters will never happen, and there is then no need to work on personal sanctification.

I have repeatedly told people that do want to know these matters that ANYONE who willfully wants to see Revelation occur in their lifetime has got to be out of their ever loving mind.  I tell them I cannot stomach the times we live in and want to see positive change in this country, and see once again, communities that are safe for all people, a love for fellow man, respect for property, honest dealings in business, and the Church representing God as He really is.  This can happen without the end of the world occurring, but it will take very extraordinary events to wake up the common man to make it happen.  That is what I’m hoping to see.  However, I do believe (very unfortunately) we very well may be on the doorstep of Revelation’s fulfillment.

I tell many of these people, who mistakenly believe we are in Revelation now, that the opening salvo will leave no doubt about it.  If we really were in Revelation now, it would validate everything our society and weak Church is presenting about God, and that is as an incompetent, disinterested and weak ‘supreme’ being.  If those reading now are familiar with my previous postings on the first four trumpets, this next bit will be a repeat for you.  Revelation opens with a massive earthquake with a duration and intensity never experienced by mankind EVER.  Then within the next several days to a few weeks, there will be a massive meteor shower that will burn up all grass and one third of green plants.  This will then be followed by two massive asteroid strikes, one in the ocean and one land strike.  This will then lead to darkness that will take out a third of the daylight. Literally, all activity on earth will stop dead in its tracks, and ALL of the survivors will be asking WHY God is so angry and WHAT do we need to do to get Him to stop these judgments.

The first four trumpets will take out 25% of the population in a matter of days.  There will be no doubt about these actions, and there will be no mistaking (anymore) that Revelation has commenced, and the emergence of the 144,000 with Elijah like powers will be here to explain/warn everyone what is happening, why it happened, and what is about to happen. (And, by the way, they won’t be taking any of anyone’s useless money)  Survival will be the number one task on everyone’s mind, and the dark powers will respond rapidly and with great authority.  The Church, due to its lack of faith in God and who He really is, will fail miserably in preparing people for this event, and unfortunately, will join with the beast, which is Babylon, and will become its ‘whore’.  It will join forces and create the one world religiously lead government that will be the most ferocious man made creation ever seen on this rock.

This government, lead by the now ‘whore’ church, will set and enforce laws contrary to the Living God, and require all inhabitants to worship it (obedience).  The 144,000 will be preaching against following this beast, and with their supernatural abilities, will be able to combat this human power. Battle lines will be drawn, and the believers will be put to the test by the Living God to validate their choice.  This test most likely will be a short time jail/prison sentence with a possibility of a death sentence. (The major death sentences come much later).  Many will fall prey to the whore, because they continue to give allegiance to an organization, that prior to the start of Revelation required allegiance to its false teachings and watered down theology.  So it will be a continuation of the same lack of faith and preparation by those who follow an organization that was caught off guard by Revelation, and now wants to speak with great authority, as if they understand the Will of God.

Unfortunately, we are seeing this exact behavior with the USCCB in watering down the Word of God.  I wouldn’t trust this band for anything, and sure don’t want to know what they will think about these matters.  This band will not stand up for the babies now, they will not stand up against homosexual marriage, and they continue to give the body of our Lord to those who are public scandals.  If they cannot keep teachings straight on matters that are very visible, how can they teach and preach on matters that are invisible?  This is a precursor of what the ‘whore’ of Babylon will look like.  There is no urgency by the USCCB in any of their actions, and they are as guilty as many of the pagan/secular groups and governments that believe things will continue on as they have in the past few centuries.

It is very unfortunate that they cannot be more gravely mistaken in their lack of faith.  We are at a threshold of at least an economic event that will literally change the nature of our existence.  The lack of preparation is criminal and those who have taken it upon themselves to be ‘in charge’ of these matters will have much accounting to do before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Their lack of faith, and by extension, lack of preparation will be the cause of much suffering and death that is so avoidable.  And because of this, there is a need for ‘lunatics’ like me to get the word out.  It is what it is, and it’s time to bring it on.

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