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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


George Offerman

“Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered” 

Jim Cramer “Mad Money”

“… and so do herds”

George Offerman

My wife and I were listening to an exert from the Howard Stern show, in which Howard and his side kicks interviewed several ‘occupy wall street’ protesters.  Regardless of what one thinks about Howard Stern, this particular bit ought to be listened to by everyone and shows how disjointed many of these people are.  Many on the interview could not answer basic questions as to why they were there, what the purpose of the occupy movement is, what solutions may change the situations or any reasonable conjecture that would leave on with the impression these people might have two functioning brain cells firing synonymously. 


After listening to these painful remarks, and realizing many of these young people just completed a four year degree, and have huge student loan debts, I realized how much trouble we are in and how bad things really are.  These people could not put together two coherent sentences, and yet, they are demanding changes in the system and are not smart enough to realize those they want to be the agents of change (government) are the source of the problem.  These kids were indoctrinated in government schools, and have a basis of thought that if they don’t make it in life, that it is someone else’s fault, and they have a right to demand their’ fair share’ of another’s labor.   They want a redistribution of wealth, and believe those who went out and worked for it, are the selfish ones, and need to be punished.

Now, I am not referring to the bankster dynasties in which wealth has been grafted (the government protects them) but those who make this country work.  Every one in the Stern interview was not working, but made it clear they ‘deserved’ to have things others have worked hard for and earned the right to have.  There didn’t seem to be any sense that these people had to work for their daily bread, or referenced any morality in how one goes about earning their keep.  It’s unfortunate the government has instilled most of these ‘values’ into these children, and the rights of parents to raise their children as they see fit has been usurped.  Churches, as well, have been mainly silent on this front and do not wield influence as they did 30-40 years ago.

As Cramer states, those investors who are too greedy are like pigs and pigs get slaughtered.  People who want to do nothing, and live off of the productive are pigs as well.  When all comes to fruition, it won’t simply be the banksters and Wall Street that gets a haircut, it will be those that have grown up with the entitled attitudes and snot nosed brattiness that believes they can order anyone to give them what they want without having to do anything in return.  The world is about to get really tough for these people, and there won’t be a lot of sympathy for these people once productivity and real knowledge are needed to navigate this new frontier.

We have not prepared ourselves for the events soon to be upon us, and we certainly have not prepared the youth of this country for these times.   It is so unfortunate that we continue on with the idea things will get better, and that we can continue to push a philosophy that really penalizes the majority of people who have earned their money in a respectable and honest way and give to those who do little and expect much.

I am adding this clip and am highly recommending people take the time to view this.  I don't agree with everything stated, but I love this man's passion and how he has urgency in his message concerning the trouble we are in and what we need to expect next.


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