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Monday, October 10, 2011


George Offerman
More is continually coming out about Obama’s “hit list” in which he has targeted certain Americans and without charges or a trial and has them knocked off.  The justification for this is ‘suspected or ’known’ terrorists that threaten the well-being of the United States”.  On top of that, the Obama administration is refusing to release the DOJ ‘legal opinion’ used to justify the killing of the ‘suspected’ Al Qaeda operative Awlaki.  It is also coming to light, that it is a ‘secretive panel of senior government officials’ which is creating this list and passing it onto the president ‘notifying’ him of their decision.
If one has been paying the least amount of attention, Obama has been very careful in not calling his Muslim brothers ‘terrorists’, but has reserved the word ‘terrorist’ for strict use in describing Americans in many of the domestic issues.  Obama has made allegations that the tea party and other ‘extremists’ in this country are ‘problems’.  Obama is now justifying a ‘hit’ on an American that has bypassed any reasonable due process, in which even the Muslim Brothers are getting at ‘club Gitmo’.  Obama’s only justification in being placed on this list is being a terrorist and a ‘threat’ to the United States.
Well, if we follow this logic to its conclusion, we can see that since the use of the word ‘terrorist’ has been reserved for only domestic persons (Legitimate U.S. citizens) and one only need be labeled ‘terrorist’ to be placed on the hit list, we may soon be seeing round ups of people, or perhaps people may suddenly ‘disappear’ or maybe have a sudden surge of ‘accidental deaths’ among those who are perceived as a ‘threat’ to the United States.  According to a memo leaked by the DOJ sent to law enforcement agencies around the country, anyone who is a ‘one issue advocate’ such as pro-life, pro second amendment, or even having a Ron Paul bumper sticker was subject to suspicion and encouraged to be watched or monitored.
Now that we know a hit on an American citizen can be ordered by an unaccountable bureaucracy, and carried out by whichever ‘agency’ has the ‘authority’ to do this puts all Americans that take their constitutional rights are seriously at great jeopardy.   And why the average American is not ‘up in arms’ over this is beyond me.  This is truly an extension of the culture of death our Church has taught would follow if we allowed the wanton killing of the most vulnerable.  But since very few want to stand up for the babies, we are now faced with the greatest proponent of legalized child killing now extending his ‘killer’ philosophy onto Americans he deems ‘terrorists’ without any due process or ability to defend themselves.
We know that Obama ran on a ‘choice’ platform, and that a majority of ‘Christians’ voted for this guy, and justified it by looking at other issues, that supposedly have the same moral weight as legalized child killing.  How people can justify this is as mysterious as the current 41% that is willing to reelect him.  Given how morally bankrupt many of our fellow citizens are, it probably makes little to no difference that this guy can order hits on people that he disagrees with.  I have already seen some of this same philosophy in many of the anti-lifers who believe the majority of us should be shipped off to concentration camps or be executed on the spot.  Hey, why not give the fact those for this guy thinks in very similar terms as Obama.  Either way, we are seeing the culture of death taking stronger root in our society, and few willing to stand up and use the strong language necessary to stop this ungodly tide.

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