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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cardinal George's (surprise) endorsement of a pro abort priest

George Offerman

As reported by life site news, Cardinal George, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Chicago, and the current President of the USCCB, has endorsed the very controversial and pro abortion priest, Fr. Michael Pfleger for the Racial Justice lifetime Achievement Award and will preside at the ceremony. See link:


For those who may not be aware or remember, Fr. Pfleger played a very pivotal role in the Obama candidacy by his activities on the Catholics for Obama Committee, and openly defying both the Cardinal at the time, as well as being the face for open dissention on church teachings that are extremely clear on the issue of abortion.

It is very interesting that those who support Fr. Pfleger in getting this award seem to minimize the fact that those who seek abortions are disproportionally African Americans, and that the first Biracial president in our history is also the most pro abortion in history. It is very clear that both Fr. Pfleger and Cardinal George do not really see the unborn as human, or alive, as one would never win an award for justice, while advocating for the extermination of the same group the award focuses on.

When asked to justify this position, Sr. Anita Baird used the convoluted word play of pro choice is not the same as pro abortion, and then cited the already condemned position of the late Cardinal Bernadin’s “seamless garment” argument. It seems the Chicago Church is hauntingly too close to the world of Chicago politics, which borne Obama in the first place. One would expect like from like, and it is really shameful that the president of the USCCB can take such a contradictory position in his own Archdiocese, yet make strong statements in issues such as the Notre Dame issue, which is not in his back yard.

Cardinal George’s stance and positions are symptomatic of the larger issues within the Church. The American Church has long ago sold out for many different reasons, which have been covered in previous posts, but it becomes disheartening and demoralizing when one of the top leaders in the American Church can be so blatantly out of touch with magisterial teachings and involve himself in a scandal that helped perpetuate the election of a man who is against core values and tenants of the church that Cardinal George has (or should have) pledged to uphold with his life.

It seems that Cardinal George is going out of his way to appease the left in this country. There is not even a valid reason to do this nor any pressure, so what could the real motivation be? There was no public outcry to give Fr. Pfleger this award and most likely, no one even saw this coming. For a Cardinal to blatantly disregard core church teachings, and reward a priest who has been defiant concerning the magisterial teachings of the Church is frankly an outrage of a very high magnitude. It is no wonder the faithful is confused at the least, and demoralized and outraged at the worst.

This goes a long way in explaining why the illustrious USCCB waited until the weekend of the hell care bill vote to make their pitifully weak statement, and lame appeal to the faithful to take action against this bill. Seeing that Cardinal George is going to reward dissention within the clergy, it is no surprise whatsoever, that as president of the USCCB, Cardinal George paid lip service to efforts to stop the funding of child killing. Killing minorities in the womb evidently does not count, and evidently, they are non persons. Sounds like the good old days of slavery. So much for Racial Justice So much for true church leadership.

So again, the next time this phony and weak group does an appeal for funds, let them collect from the party of the vampires and their strong armed cronies at the IRS. At this point, the USCCB ought to feel right at home, and they can spend the majority of the time looking at their ‘common ground’ and make up excuses for their gross incompetence in leadership and vision.

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