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Monday, April 26, 2010


George Offerman

Sometimes I wonder if it is just me, or if the pulse of things is truly picking up. Whatever the case may be, there is a lot going on and it seems like it is getting more difficult to keep up with it. Along with this, is the difficulty in seeing what should be a priority and what should be left for later, or ignored altogether. Society definitely deems too many trivial matters as important and urgent, and it seems it gets to be distracting after a while. And this is on top of many matters that truly are important, but often are overlooked in the pursuit of the trivial.

For instance, Jim Pouillan’s murderer was given a life sentence for the two murders he committed, and there was little to no coverage of either the trial or sentencing. Obviously, it was not the case for Roeder in the Tiller shooting, and there was plenty of social commentary on pro lifers from the majority of pro deathers and their co conspirators in the MSM. Very little was made of the fact Pouillon never harmed anyone, yet received no attention, while “Saint” George Tiller, the murderer of 60,000 was made out to be a martyr, and garnered too much sympathy (even from pro lifers) and the pro death camp ended up getting all types of mileage out of this.

There are similar problems going on now with the so called “Discriminatory” Arizona law recently passed that makes breaking into the country a ‘crime’. It was reported earlier today that The Great One himself sees this as ‘racial profiling’ and will be ‘watching the enforcement of this law VERY CAREFULLY’. The ‘Reverend’ Al Sharpton has entered the fray, and will be leading counterdemonstrations against this law and subsequent enforcement, due to the laws supposed targeting of ‘people of color’. So, evidently it must be about white people standing up to another group due to the fact this group happens to be of a different nationality. (Interestingly enough, some African Americans came out for the law and against the Rev. Sharpton, but they are not considered to be racist, nor did the good Rev. even suggest this.)

The term ‘immigration discrimination’ is not accurate, and does not apply to this situation. The term that has been used for eons, when describing those entering the country illegally was, and still is; illegal aliens. As stated previously, immigration has not been, nor is the current issue; it is people breaking into the country that is the problem. It is the utter disregard of the law that is the issue. It is the fact that too many willfully ignorant people are backing the law breakers, and chastising the law abiding. Right is wrong, and wrong is right, that is the issue. It is a matter of seeing what is truly important and keeping a semblance of sanity while attempting to do what is morally right and in everyone’s best interest. Changing terms and stoking fires for the sake of angering people is a smokescreen for the larger and more important issues. (I wonder what Rev. Al thinks about blue haired grannies being ‘profiled’ as terrorists at the airports on a daily basis).

We then have the government ‘nickel and diming’ those who pay taxes, and who are also going to bring on 16,000 more agents to make sure they can squeeze every plugged nickel out of those who happen to make too much. This same group of thugs then turns around and gives the hard earned and confiscated money to the largest group of thieves, and then has their pet watchdog, the Federal Reserve, hide the identities of the recipients from those who pay the bills. This government will accuse the little guy of being a ‘tax cheat’ if they can’t get their fangs into every little nook and cranny they can find, while giving carte blanche to the real thieves and thugs. Crony capitalism.

Is it a wonder that anyone can think straight, and wade through all of this mess? Not only is it getting more difficult to see through the smoke and tell what is truly important, versus the frivolous, but government sponsored urgent. There really is too much going on at too many different levels, and this very well may be intentional. It is not a stretch to see how many in positions of power would want few to see what is actually going on, because if they did, there may be rioting by the morning. Of course, that would be very bad for those in power, because once the majority realize they do not need these people, their reason for existence will be nullified, and the people may then realize true freedom will be breaking free from their shackles.

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