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Thursday, April 29, 2010


George Offerman

Now that the ‘immigration’ issue is front and center, we are seeing the language and tactics of the socialists in attempting to glorify lawbreaking, and demonize the law abiding. There are major parallels in this debate, as well as the debate concerning legalized child killing, and it is the socialists who are using the same old worn out playbook that makes their next moves rather predictable. It seems this debate is drawing in more people, and there seems to be some good opposition towards the socialists for a change.

There is a proposed march by Hispanics that is suppose to incorporate 70 cities. It would be a fair presumption that a fairly large number of these individuals will fall into the illegal alien category. The Federal Government ought to take the lead as Arizona has just demonstrated, and have a fleet of busses and INS agents ready for those who are willing and openly flaunting their law breaking status in our face. Now, we know they will not do this, and will cave into the politically correct and truly ‘fascist’ group that calls themselves liberals, who believe they are above the law, and instigate breaking the law over upholding the law.

Now, the socialists would be calling me and everyone who has similar thoughts all sorts of names, and would more than likely want to see me in jail for making ‘offensive and hate filled statements’ than for the real law breakers to get justice. See, the crime as the socialists see it is to be opposed to their ‘superior thoughts and ways of doing things’. The socialists believe they know better, and can run at least the majority’s lives better than the majority can themselves. They see others who do not agree with them and don’t think like them as stupid, and are not worthy of having a say so in matters such as this.

The socialists are accusing the law abiding citizens of being fascist, Nazi like, bigots, racist, anti immigrant, selfish and greedy. Actually it is the socialists who are guilty of being all of the above, but are too stupid themselves to see it. The collective ignorance of these people is astounding, and the fact they are dumb enough to proclaim it from the rooftops shows how out of touch with reality they really are. If any of these collective idiots were in any other country, they would minimally be arrested and deported, and at worst, charged with espionage and tried as spies (as has already happened to more intelligent people abroad).

That these people are for immoral and illegal activities is telling in and of itself. The socialists lame brained reasoning for upholding their own inept thought processes and behaviors is that (certain) people have a right to do what they want (except for the majority and Christians; they must pay for everything and not complain about it). They do not or are incapable of seeing their own errors, and thus have to demonize anyone who can actually present two logical thoughts that contradict their insane positions. (Look no further than the European experiment that is disintegrating right before our eyes.)

It is this group that is intolerant of those that attempt to disagree with reason. It is this group that is bigoted, by making very generalized statements against white Christian people and accusing them of being the problem. It is this group that is guilty of hate speech, by ‘demonizing’ the opposition by using words such as fascist, Nazism, anti immigrant, prejudiced, etc (I have not heard any of these terms come from tea party people, and those from Arizona). It is this group that has no clue how this mess will be paid for, and it is this group that simultaneously wants to push the rights of lawbreakers, in the name of freedom, down the throats of the law abiding, against their will. It is the socialist who is confused, and that is likely why THEY are so ANGRY all the time. To be that confused and stupid has to be a major burden, but I can only guess at that.

It is the same with legalized child killing. “We can do what we want with our bodies, and don’t tell us what to do”, while then insisting on gong to the public trough to have their ‘choice’ paid for by others. Whether backing immoral behavior such as legalized child killing or immoral and illegal entry into the country, these people consistently attack what is right and moral, and use force to get their way. Well, many people are getting fed up with their stupidity and finally are willing to stand up top these idiots.

If the stupid socialist actually thought for a moment who really acts like the Nazis, it might dawn on them that is they who mirror this junk. The Nazis targeted, rounded up Jews, and ultimately executed them. The socialists target, encourage and arrange for the execution of babies. The Nazis made enemy lists as are the current crop of socialists. The Nazis stirred up the masses by going after banking and industry; the socialists are doing the same with their congressional hearings and constant attacks on capitalists and the middle class. The Nazis debunked and trashed the great leaders of the past; the socialists constantly attack the founding fathers and principles of liberty. The Nazis used propaganda, fear tactics and demonizing language to ostracize their opposition. The socialists use false studies, innuendoes, label and demonize their opposition which is the tea party people and patriotic, law abiding Americans.

There are more points I could bring up, but if one is even a little honest with himself, it is clear which side of the current debates is guilty of the charges, and which side attempts to play by the rules. So, as these liberal, socialist, demovamp, or whatever term one wants to use to describe this band of fools, try to sell their garbage philosophy to the populace, tell them to go to hell. It most likely is a location they are very familiar with, and evidently want others to go to as well.

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