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Friday, April 23, 2010


George Offerman

Over the course of the past several months, I have intermittently written about other topics that have not focused on legalized child killing, from some people’s perspectives. Part of it has to do with my personal interests over the years, coupled with the fact that I do see the topics I write about as VERY LINKED. Part of this perspective comes from my training in Seminary, as well as that of psychotherapist, in which the presenting problem that initially brings the client in, is always linked to larger, sometimes unidentified and seemingly unrelated issues. The initial problem may go away for some time if it is the only issue addressed in the course of therapy, but if the presenting problem is seen in a larger context of ongoing issues, it can be dealt with and resolved permanently. Hence, the client will not need years of therapy, and will not be a ‘frequent flier’ as they are sometimes referred to.

Legalized child killing is in the same genre as a presenting problem is to long term unresolved issues. Legalized child killing did not pop out of the blue, it had precursors to it, which not only need to be addressed, but resolved in order to accomplish a permanent change in the way ‘business is done’. There are many features that one could consider in assessing what the precursors are, and most have been covered in previous posts. There are also those in the field that have a very good handle on many of the issues and have been working on them to the best of their abilities. Whether one will agree with this or not is not the issue at hand; it is whether one takes actions on the information he knows to be true.

For instance, without seeing how legalized child killing fits into Biblical prophecy or Biblical principles, such as sowing and reaping, does not lead to the urgency needed to bring legalized child killing to an end. If Christians were taught the principle of sowing and reaping in a proper fashion, they would realize quickly that legalized child killing is not a permanent condition and is time limited before ‘harvest time’ arrives. As it is, not many Christians show any urgency in this matter, as 37 years have gone by, and we are still here. (Despite the geometric progression of sin) So for someone to point out the storm clouds, and discuss how God gets our attention is very related to the discussion of legalized child killing.

As has been discussed, the largest roadblock to ending legalized child killing is for the Church to take back its moral and faith based grounds it surrendered to society. Without the Churches leadership and moral authority leading the way, efforts will mainly be in vain. It doesn’t mean laity should not be out there, but it does mean the Church is going to have to rediscover its roots, and live by the faith it is supposed to teach. One way or another, God will intervene in history and make this happen, but how much pain and discomfort need to accompany God’s intervention? As much as is needed. And the longer we go, the more it will take. These are Biblical principles, and it will play out in this fashion, no matter how much one wants and tries to ‘compartmentalize’ faith and actions. So, it serves no one to leave out what may be a motivating tool due to inconvenience, or because it does not fit into what appears to be the ‘roadmap’ to getting the job done.

It makes perfect sense to discuss the issue of finances and money, as both society and the Church seem to be obsessed with having it. Since this is the impediment in spreading the faith as God sees it, God will naturally eliminate this impediment to get the attention of society and the Church. Also, the Bible is clear that like begets like, so if sin occurs due to the love of money, then money necessarily has to be the central tenet of the reaping. In this case, money will be going away, as accumulation of money is what created and perpetuated the sinful behavior to begin with. That we are on the verge of a monetary collapse should be nearly self evident to anyone paying any attention at all and this requires some prudent action on the believer’s part. We are told in scripture that we are not children of the dark but of the light, and should be able to see what is coming. It definitely is on its way and our job is to be as best prepared as we can.

Concerning the money powers, all we need to keep in mind is they lose big time. The money powers have been denying the majesty and authority of the Living God for too long, and killing his people and perverting creation to nearly the point of no return. This will not go on for much longer, and as believers, this should come as a comfort, not as a fearful thought or belief. That the money powers may finally be losing their grip on things is a great relief to me personally, and opens up many positive possibilities, in which one of them is the end of legalized child killing. Once enough people understand the fraud this small band has perpetuated, their days on this rock will be numbered and they will be treated in a like manner similar to the way they have treated the ‘useless eaters’ over the past century. Reaping and sowing, no one can get away from it and no one is exempt.

No matter what is in store for our futures, it cannot and will not include legalized child killing, as this is not a permanent condition, and the Living God will not stand for his most precious creation being blatantly destroyed. So, if it means the monetary system collapsing, then so be it. Either way, very large change is on its way, and the season for preparation may be wrapping up soon.

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