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Thursday, April 22, 2010


George Offerman

For those of you who want to read exclusively those items that are straight up about legalized child killing, you may want to skip this post. I have made the case that what the money powers are doing is very related to legalized child killing, and believe this information is relevant to the living. I also have made a commitment as a pro life defender, that defense of life is from conception to grave , so in this light, I believe this is very relevant to our cause.

There have been two very recent events that have somewhat startled even the most prudent of money power watchers, and it seems like there is a very high likelihood that these are warning signs that should be taken very seriously. If these signs are accurate and point to what they seem to be pointing to, there will be a dramatic shift in the way that we live our day to day lives and how we go about earning and paying for our daily bread.

The first was Ted Butler’s testimony in a closed session with the CFTC concerning the manipulation of the Silver markets, primarily by the understood ‘secret’ holder of the concentrated short position JP Morgan. This is very surprising in that Mr. Butler has been hammering away on this topic for 20 years, and all of a sudden, this body who has been minimizing, and at times accused Mr. Butler of basically every kind of distortions under the sun, wants to now know what he knows, and appears to be on the verge of limiting the maximum number of short positions held by a single entity. This move, will in effect, destroy the manipulations in these markets, and set them free.

This is very telling, due to the fact that by allowing the manipulation to end, the price very well may explode, and reach levels that only some have dreamed of. Now why, one may ask, is this occurring? Due to the physical shortage of the metals, and the money powers know it. The money powers understand clearly that if the metals take off, it is game over for the fiat currency. However, as powerful as the money powers are, they are not alchemists, and cannot produce gold and silver on a whim, and even they are subjected to God’s creation limits on these metals.

The money powers will need a whipping post to pin the blame on the run away metals prices, and the CFTC will be the poster child for this, with a close second being pinned on those ‘greedy’ bullion holders and owners. This seems to be the first lynch pin of two that may very well lead to the down fall of our economic system.

The second is the fact Obama is now going after one of the truly untouchables, Goldman Sachs. One needs to be very clear: Obama works for the money powers, not the other way around, so one really needs to read between the tea leaves on this one. Goldman Sachs, along with JP Morgan, runs the western hemisphere as far as the money powers are concerned. The only true entities on the planet with the power to take down Goldman Sachs are the House of Rothschild in Europe, and David Rockefeller’s JP Morgan/Chase or both of them together. It very well may be that the money powers are in such a situation that one of the two entities needs to be sacrificed for the good of keeping dominance over the state of affairs in this hemisphere. Due to Rockefeller’s status in the money power hierarchy, it will not be his institution, JP Morgan/Chase

In looking at the Who’s Who of banking, the Department of Treasury, Federal Reserve, and other positions in government, Goldman Sachs alumni dominate these positions, and have for decades now (this is verified in the public domain, and is not conspiracy material). Not only is Goldman Sachs involved in the majority of the financial dealings within the government, they are the prime movers in making them happen, then become one of the largest recipients of the moves, the epitome of ‘conflict of interest’. It was Goldman Sachs alumni who pushed the ‘stimulus’ package, and they have received untold billions of taxpayer dollars to bail out their derivative debacle, and the Federal Reserve is covering the tracks by denying a congressional demand that they expose the entities names who received the $2.1 TRILLION in secret funding.

In both of these instances, the money powers have to make it look like the government is taking the necessary steps in ‘discovering and halting’ these two market manipulations. However, both the metals market, and the derivatives markets are DOOMED to failure, and both will self destruct in grand fashion. If the government did not ‘intervene’, the money powers would be fully exposed for all to see, and their ‘matrix like’ existence would be over. It would be quite the admission by the money powers if the above scenario is accurate, because it would finally demonstrate that these people and entities do not have total control over the markets, and the world population like they think they do. These are events few expected to see, and still so close together. Goldman Sachs, the lead holder in the .5-.8 Quadrillion (500-800 Trillion) derivatives market, and JP Morgan the largest concentrated silver short holder in the precious metals market, both having to give up their positions. They don’t want to, but the walls are closing in on them, and something has to give.

It is the forces of God first and then the free markets that are forcing the hands of the money powers, and they are desperate in finding an exit strategy that will minimize their pain and chances of getting caught. These moves will be made only due to needing to get out of town before the financial nuclear bomb goes off. If Goldman Sachs is to be sacrificed for the sake of keeping the financial realm intact for a few more seasons, it will mean Rockefeller has only JP Morgan left, and he will be a one trick pony. This is truly a monumental moment in history and if true, is (pun intended) a golden opportunity to take back the monetary system of this country. The key to defeating the money powers is knowledge, numbers of people, and emptying their coffers of all the precious metals we can get our hands onto. The time may be extremely short in obtaining any metals, and must be done with great haste.

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