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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


George Offerman

Notre Dame just cannot seem to get it right. The open rebellion and scandals keep on rolling out of Our Lady’s University, to the shame and chagrin of the faithful. Just when you thought it was safe to bring out the Rosary beads, the University, in its ever infinite “Catholic” wisdom, decides to sponsor and hold a “Stand against hate week” that caters to the homosexual crowd. Here is a partial listing of events to be held, and a link to a petition by John Ritchie at the TFP Student Action site:

This is what's planned at Our Lady's university this week:

Pro-homosexual screening of "The Laramie Project"
Lecture on campus: "Homosexuality Under the Dome"
The hosting of a "Day of Silence" on April 16

Important note: The "Day of Silence" is a pro-homosexual propaganda tool designed by GLSEN (G a y, L esbian and Straight Education Network) to persuade school children and college students to accept homosexuality.

For your information, GLSEN:

* Promotes explicit homosexual reading material for teens
* Favors same-s e x prom dates
* Organizes pro-homosexual clubs in schools


As much as this is incredible, it unfortunately is believable, given the recent track record of events and positions held by the current President and board of Notre Dame. It seems the only hate the University is willing to show is hatred towards the Catholic Church, its traditions and faith. For these theophobics, it is any mention of God and real faith that scares them, and they must hide behind some fake ideal of social justice to push this agenda which is very anti God and very anti Catholic. Evidently, it doesn’t matter when the name of the game is to please the liberals and get along with everyone, over the sanctity of the faith.

No one is advocating hate, but when the rebellious wing of the church wants to dictate the terms of the discussion, and the traditional side of the church stays silent, confusion is born, and crisis of faith then occurs. These self righteous weirdoes believe any disagreement with them is hate speech, yet it is they who engage in the most outrageous terms and names and try to convey that they speak for God and righteousness. The problem they seem to not get is, God does not bless sin, and has been extremely clear that the shedding of innocent blood (legalized child killing) along with homosexuality are about the gravest of all the sins, and Notre Dame now has openly promoted both of them.

One cannot claim to be speaking FOR God when what they are saying goes AGAINST what God has made clear is serious sin. In effect, those in support of such policies are really saying love is hate, and hate is love. It is love to correct those in error, and it is hate to deliberately steer someone on a path of destruction. And there can be no question that deliberately rebelling against Church teachings is an act of hate, as it leads to destruction. The spirit of rebellion has never brought about the fruits of peace, joy, serenity and unity, and what Notre Dame is proposing will result in none of these. Again, confusion reigns at Our Lady’s University, and it is one more scandal for the church, and proof that by their silence, the American Bishops are unplugged from their true source of power.

From the R U Kidding Korner…

Heard yesterday on the radio, Senator Chuck Schumer angered over an airlines proposed charging for carry on baggage “How dare they do that? Every time we turn around, they are adding fees. There needs to be legislation to stop that”. Really? Hey Chuck, have you looked at all the federal taxes, Homeland security fees, added fuel taxes that are add on’s to all airline ticket prices? Where do we go to get YOU to stop raising our taxes at every turn?

The government hates competition…

Some very creative accountants, taking the lead from the demovamps status of the undead, decided to file tax returns on those playing harps in the sky, and got busted. It seems they were able to bilk $95 MILLION since 2001, and are now looking at hard time behind bars. It seems the government is very serious in cracking down on those wannabe thieves, as the government is the biggest and the best at thievery, and hates competition. Now, the government ought to show the same concern, and go after the JP Morgan’s and Goldman Sachs who just walked away with $2.1 TRILLION of the taxpayer’s money in the past 2 years. Yeah, right. Cool picture of the undead on this link:


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