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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


George Offerman

There are those who believe the life and death of America is up for vote this November. Many in the talk radio sphere, as well as many of those in the financial arena as well as some even in the religious/theological realm are beginning to have doubts this great country will ever come back. There is way more pessimism about our current situation than I can ever recall and it is for good reason. However, what is very bothersome to me, and it seemingly is not talked about much, is the fact there are TWO parties involved in the problems, and many are only blaming one of them.

Yes, I have been very harsh on the Demovampire party of the undead, and they have deserved and earned every word and disrespectful statement I have been able to muster up for them. Their actions are ungodly, they are the party of the selfish and ‘me first’ folks, they trash our founding fathers, while using the freedoms our founding fathers pledged their lives, liberty and fortunes to win for us. They take from the living, and give to the undead, they lie, and cheat, steal and pillage, and that is on their good days. However, the one compliment I can give to the Demovamps is the fact that at least they are open about their treachery, and at least stick to their unholy agenda with a fair amount of consistency.

Unlike what many believe, the Republicant party is not the party of God. Yes, it is true the Republicants have brought about good changes in many of the laws, reduced taxes, appointed some good justices to the Supreme Court (as well as some lousy ones). But unlike the Demovamps, too many of the Republicants are wolves in sheep’s clothing. As Randall Terry likes to say, it is the enemy within the camp that is the most dangerous, as they will cut your throat while you are sleeping. This is the treachery that has been the most damaging of all.

Too many well meaning folks have cast their votes for Republicants who will say the right things, but once in office, turn around and do what they really wanted to do. Too often, the Republicant in office will give lip service to the issues that got them into office, yet do little to nothing to make real changes and keep the promises they made. This is most apparent in the arena of legalized child killing. There were multiple times when the Republicants had opportunities to lay the groundwork to overturn Roe, but failed to do so. And it seems most of the failures were in the areas of omission, in which they simply failed to carry through with their promises by not acting on this while having control of the legislative and executive branches.

The most glaring was the instance of Rep Ron Paul (Texas) who introduced the Sanctity of Life bill, that not only would have protected the fetus, by declaring it to be human, but would have also made the issue of legalized child killing off limits to the Supreme court. Very few if any of the Republicants co sponsored this legislation, thus exposing their true motives and demonstrating they really are not much different than the Demovamps. As far as pro life issues goes, neither of the parties can be trusted, and it is time to make some changes we can believe in. Neither party has the gumption to make difficult decisions, and unfortunately, the demovamps are the closer of the two parties that attempts to stay on message, but it is the wrong one for the country.

So, if we are to ‘resurrect’ this republic, it will mean getting rid of all the bums in office. If they are an incumbent, they should be thrown out. We need to start out fresh, and have people in who understand what this country stood for, have a clear understanding of the constitution and the need to uphold it, and have a clear understanding and mission to allow freedom to reign once again, and remove the shackles of this ungodly and overly bureaucratic government as it now exists. We need to stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (private property) for the born and unborn. Anything less is a betrayal of God and what used to be this country.

So, there are alternatives to the Republicant party for believers and lovers of freedom. I just hope and pray the majority don’t fall into the trap that ‘let’s vote for the lesser of two evils” or “I don’t want to waste my vote on a third party candidate who will never win anyway”. If these thoughts take over, we will end up with ‘more of the same’ and there will be only cosmetic changes made as we sink further into the abyss. If the candidates and incumbents do not follow through with their promises, they need to go. This is what the tea party is about, and the momentum for radical change must continue, and must not be hijacked by either party.

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