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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


George Offerman

With the immigration debate heating up, the idea of a national ID card has resurrected and now has bipartisan support in the Senate, and possibly the house. In the immigration bill in the Senate, both Charles Schumer and Lindsay Graham are pushing for a biometric national ID that will be required for all who work, and would also have the potential to keep a great deal of personal information that would have nothing to do with immigration and work. It ultimately could be used for tracking every move one makes, as well as any significant transaction, as well as other matters such as gun ownership and other supposed rights we still have.

That we are moving closer to such a ghastly instrument is not surprising at all. After all, we in this country have sold out long ago to comfort and convenience, and seem to be willing to do just about anything to continue living our lives in a way that we are not ‘bothered’ by much. So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this will eventually become law, and it will be up to the same small band to do the majority of the work in trying to defeat this before it gets a lot of traction. Benjamin Franklin said it best: Those who exchange security for freedom deserve neither.

As a society, we have become very indifferent to matters that should ‘boil the blood’ and it is in this vein that many of the evils triumph with little more than a peep from the sheeple. Both the Church and government have become lukewarm in their approach in dealing with the great issues of the time, and seem very unprepared to deal with the difficult life issues that now surround us. In fact, there are elements in both camps that believe matters are improving, and will even go as far as saying things were not really that bad. How one can believe that in light of all the evidence is beyond any rational explanation.

The national ID is just one more cog in the system being designed to treat us like cattle. It is becoming more difficult to live a normal life without violating some goofy law that is meant to ‘protect’, and it will make it increasingly more difficult for any one to have the privacy that true freedom mandates. Now, maybe this is part of the judgment coming our way (that we have earned) and God very well may be granting our desire to live without Him, and do it on our terms and in our own ‘wisdom and sophistication’. It will be only a matter of time before some behaviors we take for granted will be outlawed, and having some form of ID (that will be chipped) will end up being the tool that will convict one, and this will all be done in the name of ‘safety and security’.

There are those who see this as ‘the mark of the beast’. As I have covered in a previous series of posts, this cannot be the mark of the beast, as it is outside the purview of the trumpets, but it is still a dangerous precedence, and is evil in the sense we are placing our trust in man’s abilities, and essentially snubbing God. So, we will be left to our own devices, and it will also condition us to more readily accept the real mark when it does appear. We do need to resist this, and we need to be very verbal about this gross abuse of power by the ever encompassing government. This current crop of politicians wants to control more areas of our lives, and will take whatever we allow them to.

So, we better be prepared for the ride that is about to happen, and take action that will reverse the tide of this government’s ever creeping takeaway of our rights and freedoms. They can use whatever terms they would like or any excuse to require we give up more of our rights, but it is their need to control that is the issue. If ‘immigration’ were truly the issue here, this could be resolve din part by picking up the illegal aliens that are currently on their marches and protests and are fairly open about their law breaking status. No, it is just another excuse to implement the necessary components in setting up their one world government. That truly is the beast in this whole fiasco.

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