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Thursday, April 15, 2010


George Offerman

In what ought to be considered the Vampires true high unholy day (October 31 does not hold a candle to this day) the undead will perform their annual ritual and suck a very large amount of green blood out of the living, and begin to redistribute it to their legions of undead recipients, to assure their allegiance this November when the undead recipients go to the bone box,.. er... ballot box. To add insult to injury to the living, the Value Added Tax (VAT) is the hot topic in the current debate, and it is on top of the already progressive (aggressive) tax structure. Evidently, the reduced amount of green blood the vampires received this past year of recession, must have scared them into trying to kill the living instead of maintaining the near comatose state many are in now.

It is no accident that 50% of the households in this country pay NO Federal or State income taxes, and many get the Earned Income Credit on top of not paying taxes. This is a very secure voting block, and what incentive is there for those who fall into this category to change the status quo? (This same group however, has NO difficulty wanting more goodies and having others pay for them) When the majority benefits, the majority gets what it wants. For those who have great hopes in the tea party, or resurrected Republicant party, things will not change too much until there is the environment when making the difficult choices is permissible by the majority.

Those who are subjected to the income taxes have little to no recourse for themselves. The premier undead Demovamp Obama is allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire, along with the temporary elimination of the estate tax (tax on death, their favorite) has increased the Mediscare and Medicoolaid taxes, eliminated the write offs for out of pocket medical expenses (go figure that one), and wants to add another 5.4% for those making over a million per year. When totaled up, some will be paying 70% of their income in taxes. The Demovamps see that as fair. Question for the Premier undead overlord Obama: Can you name one broke person, street person (or you for that matter) who created a job? Millionaires create jobs. Small business people create jobs. But why do it if the undead Demovamps take the booty? What will then happen? Answer: the productive will stop being productive. Then let’s see where the demovamps get their fill of green blood.

This day is a nightmare for the living, as they are required to hand over a large part of the fruit of their labors, because they happen to be guilty of the crime of ‘making too much money’. The undead like to use the lame statement that ‘luck smiled upon them’ and these vampires see it as their moral imperative to do an undead imitation of Robin Hood. However, one of these days, the vampires will do one too many raids on Sherwood Forest, and find nothing but charred stumps and carcasses of what used to be the productive. There needs to be an endpoint to the madness, but when and where is it?

The majority of those who pay for this madness could spend the money much more efficiently than this government, and most likely have great results. It is also largely true that those who pay the most in taxes, work the hardest, are better educated, and take the greatest risks. There is no luck involved in any of these factors, and it is very insulting that the undead, with little effort and no risk, take the hard earned money of the living, who put in a great effort with sometimes a great risk of losing everything in the process. Somehow, the undead believe they have a right to another’s labor, and believe those individuals should pay the taxes for the privilege of being in this country, and having the undead as overlords who see all and know all.

Yes, today is the high unholy day for the vampires, as they again remind those who make this country work, that their efforts are not appreciated, that they are seen as greedy, and ultimately, are the enemy to the undead recipients who keep reelecting the undead overlords to continue the flow of the green blood. This problem will never end until there is a recalibration of priorities and morals that focus on personal responsibility coupled with the fact that one’s labors truly are his, and that one has a right to determine what they do with the fruits of their labor. If too many of the undead are jealous of those that are successful, then do something about it. But do not try to steal their fruits, while justifying the complacency and entitled attitudes incorporated by the undead. It is time to break free from the undead and be rid of them once and for all.

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