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Monday, April 19, 2010


George Offerman

With the announcement of Justice John Paul Stevens retirement after the closing of the Supreme Court session, is the opportunity to influence the potential picks to succeed Justice Stevens. Supposedly, the Supreme Court is the central battle ground of the legalized child killing fields, and one would think that if this is true, that it would result in the most heated battle front in the pro life movement. Unfortunately, the pro life movement is MIA at the moment (most of the time) and it looks like the movement will take its customary position at defense, once Obama names the potential successor.

If anyone cares to remember, the last 2 appointments that President Bush was able to nominate was met immediately by the pro death contingency, the candidates on the ‘short list’ were given a ‘going over’ like no ones business, and the issue of legalized child killing was front and center. The discussions of the prospective Justice’s stance on the issues were ongoing and intense, and propagated by the very boisterous and ultra conservative left. The Pro life movement was much quieter, and did not feel secure enough to enter the debate in the way the other side does, and fortunately the pro lifers did get two good justices out of this process.

The sad part is, that once the nomination process begins to heat up, the MIA pro life groups will use this opportunity to fund raise, and then promote ‘virtual protests’ (which cost very little to conduct) and will also attack those true pro lifers who are actually taking the bullets for the babies. For many of the pro life groups, it is their existence that is of the utmost concern, and the ending of legalized child killing would dry up the funds, and essentially put them in the unemployment lines. God forbid that ever happen. By virtue of the fact there is little to any resistance at this time, shows there is not the intent to fight this process to win the battle, but to do just enough to propagate the continuation of the ‘showing of a fight’.

The Church is also MIA in this fight, and has not mentioned one word concerning the likelihood that a pro death justice will be named. Mostly, the church continues to pay lip service to the pro life issues, if that, and will be inclined to distance themselves from the ‘extremists’ who are out there challenging the status quo. The bishops are not taking the lead whatsoever, and speaking up for the children being sacrificed. It appears there is too much at stake concerning things like tax exempt status, and this in effect has purchased their silence as well. It seems as long as the ‘show’ that is put on does not truly threaten the status quo, those in power will leave the church well enough alone.

This leaves the true pro lifers in the field primarily on their own, and this group of people should expect nothing short of an assault on both ends of the battle. We truly are in very desperate times, and the only consolation in that is God usually sends a champion to give direction for those willing to stand up for the faith. It may mean the destruction of all we know at this time, but it will definitely bring about clarity in the need to get the job done, and the means in which to make this happen. In the mean time, what is next and who is wiling to step up to the plate to make it happen?

Precious metals market ready to heat up.

It seems that Mr. Ted Butler finally made a trip to Washington, D.C. and was given 90 minutes in a closed meeting with the CFTC. What is remarkable about this is that these so called experts gave the platform to Mr. Butler for 90 minutes, and primarily took in what he had to say, and listened to his evidence of manipulation of the silver market. It is unbelievable that a private citizen was given such a platform, and at least the government people at the CFTC had the brains to ask questions and acknowledge manipulation has taken place. As mentioned before, Mr. Butler knows more in his pinky finger than all of the government economists combined, and they showed good judgment in not trashing Mr. Butler in this format.

The implications are huge for the precious metals markets in that Mr. Butler’s 20 year efforts to expose the manipulation finally have been acknowledged. If this is resolved, the metals market will take off, and shock even the most skeptical of those, as man once again will learn that Gold and Silver are God’s money. If you are not on board yet owning the physical metals (not paper derivatives), this very well may be the last call. The link below is an outstanding interview by Mr. Jim Cook of Investment Rarities of Mr. Ted Butler after Mr. Butlers ‘historic’ meeting with the CFTC.


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