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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


George Offerman

As more details come out about the hell care law, it is becoming more apparent why the demovamps had to create this in their darkened smoke filled cellars, as no sane and living person would ever come up with this garbage. The undead, ever so determined to get the last vestige of life out of the soon to be corpse, also has demonstrated that they have some protected groups they are watching out for. This law exempts Muslims, Scientologists and the Amish (who have proven to be the most loyal to this country and have earned the right to be exempt.). However, all of you (us) Christians have to line up and take our numbers, and comply with this demonic law.

There are disputes as to the exact number of new IRS agents that are mandated to be hired and to enforce the penalty for not purchasing health care. The lead demovamps are trying to sell this to the populace by stating “it is not a penalty, but one MAY have some of their refund taken if they don’t comply”. Now, what exactly are these agents going to do? They definitely are not being sent over to the Middle East to fight terrorism. They are going to intimidate those who may have a problem with a government telling them what to do, and enforcing a system that is going to be in large part immoral. These agents will be targeting a primarily Christian base, and those that have played by the rules. There, it is said, and let’s see the undead dispute this.

This law is nothing but punitive for those of the Christian faith, and those that play by the rules. 10-16,000 new agents for an agency that has its own set of rules outside of the constitution and are hired for the sole purpose of compliance seems to indicate that the demovamps are very aware of the resistance level, and they evidently are expecting some resistance from the populace as this fiasco plays out. There will be resistance and there will be those that will finally come to the conclusion that this undead version of what used to be America is nothing more than a parasite that sucks the life out of those who attempt to make their lives better by playing it straight. This law is going to end up making law abiding citizens criminals in the long run.

The hypocrisy of the demovamps is so severe that one would have to be brain dead to not see it. The demovamps charge that it is insurance companies that have the highest rate of rejection of services, when in fact it is in reality, Mediscare and Medicoolaid. The demovamps state they will save money, while in fact; their scheme increases the deficit by over a trillion dollars. The demovamps claim the system will be better than the current one, while exempting themselves from participating in the system. The demovamps want to reduce reimbursement rates to providers by at least 21%, and then expect quality and quantity of care to go up. The demovamps claim they have solved the problems of those without insurance, yet the scheme does not even go into effect for 4 years. (However, the tax increases are immediate).

What the demovamps really want to do is to destroy the current system, and have the population then look to them for a solution. If things go by plan, it will take 4-5 years to destroy the insurance companies, and at that point, good care will be so scarce, that the population will be willing to take any service and will be conditioned into accepting very inferior care compared to today. The only way to do this is through intimidation and passage of laws that will outlaw fee based services. I’m willing to bet those provisions are in the passed law, and that is one of the reasons the demovamps did not want this bill seen until its ugliness was seen in the light as the law of the land.

Well, I got news for the demovamps and the party of the undead. Those of us that have dedicated our lives to good care and helping people are not going to simply watch you destroy the best system on the planet. There are those of us that believe the promises we made to give the best care supersede any stupid, contradictory and convoluted attempt at making us zombies or members of the undead like you are. I hope you never need services from one of us, because like what Mediscare and Medicoolaid already does for many, we will deny you services. You demovamps need to experience the same thing that you require of us. Good luck finding good providers for your death system.

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