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Friday, April 16, 2010


George Offerman

The upcoming elections this November are truly going to test the mettle of the electorate and we will soon see if all the hype is hot air, or truly has substance to it. The tea party has seemed to awaken patriotism and the need to reign in government, at least in a sizeable minority. With the passion and awakening to the current criminal behavior going on in this country by the current crop of elected officials, it brings out some awesome possibilities, but potential problems that can be exploited by the cunning. The two problems are: 1) although sizeable it is a minority, and 2) it is not politically organized, and as such, is not fielding candidates (yet).

It is very obvious that the undead demovamps will never attract any of those from the tea party, and it was made very clear yesterday when the Premier undead Demovamp Obama made the following comment: “I am amused by the last two days of demonstrations by people about taxes. You would think they’d be saying THANK YOU”. (Making the claim he actually lowered taxes). Statements like that cannot even be measured on the LIAR scale, and it seems like the Premier undead Demovamp absconded that line from one of his favorite movies “Night of the living dead”. ***Personal message to the Premier undead Demovamp: Liar, Liar you undead vampire.

With the Demovamps clearly out of the running, it will fall upon the Republicants to try to bring the tea party ‘into the tent’. With talk Radio host Sean Hannity leading the charge, the Republicants are significantly downplaying, and in some quarters, chastising the tea party movement as being a potential distraction for the upcoming elections in November. There have been some accusations made that if the tea party became a third party, it would split the vote and the Demovamps would remain in power. So the Republicants are desperately trying to make the case that the tea party people can find a comfy home in the ‘revamped reenergized Republican party”.

First of all, if the Republicants actually stood for the principles they claim to stand for, there would have been no need for the tea party movement in the first place. Since the Republicants are the better known party of the two for welching on their promises, it is no accident that they have steadily lost power in the current government over the past few election cycles. They now want to come in and sell their wares to the tea party people, and attempt to convince them that the Republicant party is the way to go. The Republicants main selling point is the ‘split the vote, we lose’ mentality, and we will have more of the same. It seems many in the tea party are taking this bait, and if the Republicants won back the congress, the real outcome, at lest legislatively would not be much different than if the demovamps won every seat.

What the Republicants do not seem to want to acknowledge is the fact that when they have had control of the legislative and executive branches, they have not controlled spending, government growth, regulation, and sure have not made any real attempts at ending legalized child killing. They regularly made promises to limit growth, reign in spending and regulation, and once in office, actually did the opposite. So, we have the demovamps that make up front promises to grow government, regulate business and individuals into paralysis, and redistribute wealth at every turn. The Republicants make opposite promises, but then end up acting very much like the demovamps. What makes the Republicants worse than the demovamps is the fact the Republicants throw enough table scraps to the electorate to make it look like they are really trying, when in fact, they seem to have no real intention of making the difficult changes required in these very extra ordinary times we live in.

This then, is an evil that is more difficult to perceive than outright open rebellion against the principles of what this great republic was built on. Whether poisoned with large doses and die quickly, or low doses and die slowly and painfully, the end result is still death. It is much more painful to elect people one believes will stand for certain principles, only to be betrayed down the road. Then, they get re elected. The current Republicants, if one remembers, called for ‘repeal’ of the hell care law, right after passage. Now, they are stating ’Well, reform is needed, and we can do it better”. Already selling out. No, this country does not need some ‘seasoned’ Republicants to lead the charge to the ‘promised land’ as Reagan used to say. We need people who understand the constitution, are willing to make the difficult decisions, and most important of all, willing to be a one term politician for principles.

This is why I personally hope the tea party causes chaos in the whole political arena. If this movement is absconded by the Republicants, we will, in the end, have our hearts broken, and be in essentially the same mess we would have been in if the demovamps had a total sweep of all the seats in congress. A real revolution needs to take place (hopefully peaceful), but it cannot be lead by an entity that contributed to the mess in the first place. It is time for a new party with new faces that has a unified message. Out with the tired and old (except Ron Paul), and be rid of the garbage that passes for the current political scene.

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