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Friday, July 2, 2010


George Offerman

We are at day 73 and there are discussions pertaining to ‘blowing up’ the well, with the possible use of a small nuclear weapon. It was also revealed that Russia actually had done this in the past, and has the equivalent of two Exxon Valdez amounts of oil leaching into their river systems as a result. And for the first time in modern history, the Abiotic process of oil creation, that states it is actually a non organic process that takes place in the core of the earth, and not the remains of dinosaurs, is beginning to get traction. We are also witnessing a crime in progress concerning the toxicity of this goo that is seeping up, and our government, with the complicit help of BP is covering it up.

The Abiotic theory basically states that oil is a byproduct of processes deep in the mantle and core of the earth, and seeps to the surface through the centrifugal force of the earth’s rotation. The oil then pools in places and the pressure builds until it eventually comes to the surface. In this theoretical framework, there are also underground rivers of this stuff, and it appears the Deepwater Horizon well tapped into one of these. If this is true, then it would seem that the resolution of this leak will take significantly longer than proposed, and some of the worst case scenarios being proposed have a good chance of coming true.

The abiotic theory also postulates that byproducts of this process are very toxic gasses and compounds, and once released into the waters and atmosphere, are deadly for a significant amount of time (some well past the average human life span). There are significant amounts of deadly chemicals and compounds being released, and from what I could read, the chemical that seems to have the most worried is Benzene. It seems the government and BP are not taking Benzene readings, hence they have built in ‘plausible deniability’ if it is determined in the near future that people are getting sick and dying.

There have been many observations, and I myself saw this on the news, that those on the clean up crews are wearing the bottom half of bio hazard protections suits, but are not using masks and goggles or other protective gear that the government would mandate someone wear if they entered a ketchup factory. Many of these people have already complained of headaches, nausea, dizziness and other symptoms comparable to exposure to many of these deadly compounds. There are even those who live in the surrounding areas that are having the same complaints. This is potentially one of the greatest man made catastrophes on the planet, and the useless eaters in the government and at BP are pretending it is not occurring.

All of this happening does not even take into account what would happen if these geniuses actually detonate a nuclear weapon to stop the leak. There are those in the conspiracy theory camps that have a tendency to over exaggerate everything, but this is one time I actually have to agree with them and fear they may be correct on this one. The dark powers often have rolled the dice and seemingly have gotten away with many crimes, but it very well may be their luck is running out. We can only hope, and pray that loss of life is minimal and that we begin to operate in the way the Living God wants us to. (A recent Drudge article alluded to the fact that all of the clean up workers from the Valdez incident are dead)

The culture of death is very open for all to see. The Government, along with BP finds it more important to not give these people proper protection, and to make it look like it is not as serious as it is. Their blatant disregard for life ought to bring even the mildest person’s blood to a boil. Both of these entities will have the blood of these people on their hands, and it is high time they are held accountable for that. Our way of life is being destroyed right in front of us, and yet there are still many, including Christians, that do not want to get involved and join in the fight. Our time is very limited (and I have been saying this way before this oil spill took place) and action needs to happen NOW!

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