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Thursday, July 15, 2010


George Offerman

Preparation, whether for something as simple as an outing in the sun, to major disasters requires that one contemplate a situation and try to ascertain the most likely outcome. Then it requires action, and effort to secure the means to ensure preparation is as complete as possible. The whole process of preparation however, is predicated on belief and probability of an event that is at least proportional to the effort it will take to secure the proper preparations.

In looking at many of the challenges we are facing in our society, there seems to be little preparation for what appears to be near certain ‘storms’. It is as if people are unplugged from the reality they see around them, yet do not want to believe what they see. So, many will ridicule those who are attempting to warn them of the storms, and they would rather continue on in their world of make believe and comfort. (Spiritdaily.com covers this point in an article today)


The preparations refereed to falls into broad categories. For instance, the vast majority of the pro life groups are not at all discussing a filibuster against Kagan, nor paying much attention to the limited avenues in which to stop activities that are detrimental to our freedoms and way of life. It is business as usual for them, and the main concern is to push some token effort, and generate fund raising letters to sponsor the next token gesture that will garner little to no activity. The pro life movement is not prepared for victory, nor does it seem the movement believes victory is possible.

The pro life movement is only symptomatic of the general status of nearly all aspects of our society. Most people are unconcerned and don’t want to be bothered by legalized child killing, and react about the same way when it comes to the financial disaster ready to strike this country. We then have the government stealing our resources and freedoms faster than anything we have ever witnessed, and the majority is too concerned over where LeBron is going to play next. We have general breakdowns in most areas of our lives, and people still are not taking the current situation seriously. What is it going to take to wake America up? Does America even care anymore?

These same people, when the disasters strike, will be like lost sheep, and will run over the cliff. This is such an avoidable fate for the majority, but it seems evident that most don’t want the discomfort and inconvenience of thinking about it, yet acting on it. This is what is going to make the crisis so much worse, and the chaos ensuing so dangerous. Fear filled people are dangerous people. They are also unpredictable and irrational and that does not bode well either. It is also the perfect ‘takeover’ point for the dark powers, and they have been waiting and planning for this time for quite a while.

I have mentioned in previous postings that we can win this struggle, but it will take immediate and decisive action by many. This opportunity is very time limited, and there seems to be early indications that few are acting on this. We do not have the time and luxury to waste our resources on frivolous matters and spending money on things that are fleeting. We sure don’t have time to worry about where Lebron is going to play, or who is going to win the next American Idol contest. The distractions are too tempting for the majority, and it seems as long as they are fed their pabulum, life will be ‘fine’ despite all the evidence that our way of life is going to hell in a hand basket.

It is time to wake up. It is time to fight back. But more than anything, it is time to prepare for the worst. The fewer who plan and follow through, the worse it will be, because the near certainty of painful events is not being met proportionally with preparation to match the intensity of what is to come. Open your eyes and take in the current scene: it is very dangerous and unstable. Trust what you see, and act on it. Do this for the ones you love.

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