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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


George Offerman

Several of us were downtown on the parade route with graphic signs of aborted babies, and garnered a fair amount of attention from those on the parade route. Even though we had several people complain (including a police man) the majority of people going by seemed to be in favor of what we were doing. However, no one was willing to assist us or willing to even hand out literature to those passing by.

Jonathan Darnel, from Pro life unity, coordinated this event, and he ended up doing some good street preaching as well. There were several young people who engaged in very stimulating debate with us and it seems they primarily reflected a desire to hash out the issue in their minds. A few I was able to speak to were former Catholics, and stated they had multiple issues with the Church, which reflected directly upon the Churches dereliction of duty in not teaching the faith, and not defending the babies.

During our time there, the majority of us seemed to sense that this may be the last opportunity to get the word out or possibly because by this time next year, things will be so bad that the country may not be in much of a festive mood. Our problems cannot be swept under the rug forever, and like the vast majority who looked at the signs, and then turned away, as if it would make legalized child killing go away, we will be visited by problems (or judgments) so large, that the unprepared and uninformed will be overwhelmed by their magnitude.

Like those who looked away, and wanted to ignore the reality of legalized child killing, God will be visiting soon, and will be ultimately removing all the current barriers in the way of our salvation. Comfort and convenience will be a thing of the past, and we all will be confronted with the realities of our culture of death. Preparation is so important now, and it is of the greatest urgency to make this happen in the very limited time we have left. Too many do not want to hear this message, and want to pretend that things will magically turn around, and life will be what it used to be like just a few short years ago. Unfortunately, it will not, and this will soon be obvious.

Biblically speaking, our society cannot live on the blood of the innocent and be blessed. It is unfortunate the Churches refuse to teach this very fundamental truth, and the majority of Christians walk around in a near comatose state and want to believe that they can continue on in superficial worship of God and receive abundant blessings in return. We are soon to find out how mistaken this pop theology really is, and we will be subjected to the same conditions we have meted out to the most vulnerable in our society. Soon we will know what hardships and suffering really is, and God help us on that day.

Independence Day is a great holiday, and a good remembrance of those who staked life liberty and fortune so that others may live freely. We spit on the graves of the founding fathers by playing word games and holding onto demonic theology that states some are not worthy of life because they are inconvenient, too expensive, or whatever other excuse can be fashioned. Our founders acknowledged God, and also acknowledged that only people who are alive can have inalienable rights. Nothing matters if one is not alive, and it is foolish to talk about our ‘liberties’ when we believe we have the divine imperative to determine who lives and who dies. It is extreme arrogance on our part that we believe we have the right to take another’s life on arbitrary guidelines, and then have the Gall to ask the Living God to bless us.

I’m not sure how many more Independence days we have left, but at the rate things are escalating, it doesn’t seem like many. Sin has a season, which means it is time limited, and the Churches should be teaching and preaching this message. Since they will not, it is up to the laity once again, to get the message out. So, America, if we forget what made us great, and forget that God has cultivated one of the greatest nations to ever exist on this planet, then we deserve whatever repercussions of our open rebellion against the Living God are required. God Help Us.

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