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Friday, July 9, 2010


I am asking the readers to please take some time and go through this whole posting, and take in what the insurrecta team is going to attempt to do. I am also encouraging you to donate to this very worthy cause, as you will get the most ‘bang’ for your buck, and this ‘road trip’ will get a lot of press. Thank You in advance.

Randall A. Terry
Founder, Operation Rescue

Coming up: We are Taking a Nine-Day, Eleven City
“Filibuster Kagan” Tour from July 16-25 in our Two RVs.

We Just Finished a Week of Protests Against Kagan
Urging Republican Senators to Filibuster Her.

We Will Hold Press Conferences and Protests in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina – My Family and Staff!

Dear Friend,

I write in great haste. My family and I and our great team of warriors are leaving in our two RVs for a 2,000 mile trip to stir up trouble against Kagan, and defend the babies lives.

The only way there will be a fight–
Is if we make one.

I will not take the time to belabor just how bad Elena Kagan would be on the Supreme Court. You certainly are reading or watching the news on this nominee. Suffice to say, she would be the most militant supporter of child-killing on the court, as well as the most militant supporter of the homosexual agenda. (CBS news has reported that she lives in an openly gay relationship at Harvard.)

Is it “Dirty” or “Nasty” to Filibuster Kagan?

Senator Orrin Hatch – in a tragic display of cowardice and treachery–went on ABC news said that it would be “dirty” and “nasty” if Republicans filibustered Kagan.

This is absurd as well as obscene. These senators have the opportunity to keep “Kagan the Pagan” off of the Supreme Court. It is their ethical, political, and constitutional duty to do so.

But I started thinking–just what does “dirty” and “nasty” mean? Here are various definitions that I found. The way I see it, child killing is dirty and nasty; the militant homosexual agenda is dirty and nasty; and the hideous political stunt that Orrin Hatch played–trying to keep his fellow Republicans from filibustering–that was dirty and nasty.

Here are the definitions I found:

Dirty –

- lacking honesty or moral integrity, especially if the rules of a game or law have been broken;
- characterized by extreme meanness and cruelty;
- behaving in a nasty or despicable way;
- transitive verb - to make something seem less honest or honorable
• to dirty their reputation

Nasty –

- showing spitefulness or malice
• a nasty trick to play on someone
- repugnant - disgusting to the senses
• a nasty smell
- Unpleasant - generally disagreeable, unpleasant, or causing discomfort
- morally offensive or obscene

The truth of the matter is that child-killing is defined by most of the above definitions. What is more despicable, cruel, repugnant, morally offensive and obscene etc., than the brutal murder of innocent babies.

No Senator Hatch, it is not “dirty” and “nasty” to filibuster Elena Kagan.

But it would be dirty – lacking honesty and moral integrity, despicable, and less honorable – to not filibuster her, since she supports the brutal murder of babies, and she will uphold Roe.

And it would be nasty – showing malice, morally offensive, and obscene – if the Republicans do not attempt a filibuster. The Democrats only have 58 votes. The Republicans have a moral obligation – for the babies sakes – to at least fight for a filibuster. This includes McConnell, Graham, and Sessions.

How long will we be lied to by Senators?

If you scan the news over the last two or three months, you’ll see Republican Minority leader Mitch McConnell, as well as John Kyle, Jeff Sessions, and others have “discussed” a filibuster. McConnell and Kyl have recently said, “It is not off the table.” But they lack the will, the passion, the courage to mount the fight. So, we must help them.
Politicians “see the light” when they “feel the heat…”
I do not care…lives are at stake…babies are dying.

I do not care that some say we look radical. If you or I were about to be murdered, we would want people to do whatever they could to save us, even if they looked a little extreme or silly, or even if it was a long shot to save us. We should do the same!

I do not care that some say the Republicans cannot win a filibuster. They need to at least try, for the sake of the lives this woman will snuff out with her vote on the Supreme Court. Some fights are a matter of honor. Some fights are worth losing.

I am grieved and angry at how few groups and leaders are calling on GOP and pro-life Senators to filibuster Kagan. It is despicable. One reason is that they do not want to show how week the movement really is; another reason is that they do not want to show the world that many of our political “pro-life statesmen” are cowards and counterfeits.

We Need Help Right Away for this trip

As I have told you, the summer months are very VERY difficult financially on us. People go on vacations; they don’t open their mail; they are relaxing.

I understand. Everyone deserves a break! But right now, we have a life and death struggle on our hands that deserves passionate attention. And I need your help. We need to raise the money right away to take this tour; in addition, we need to pay our normal… bills, and we need to raise the money to buy a large Mac laptop to take on the road to film, edit, and produce my TV show.

Can You Please Help us Today?
We travel from July 16 – July 25.

You are getting this letter just before we leave, or perhaps when we are in the midst of this trip. I am asking you a huge favor…

Will you please take a few moments right now and send in whatever gift you can send? If you are a senior citizen, struggling to make ends meet, please…just pray for us. That is a HUGE blessing.

But if you can afford to send $50 or $100 – or more – please do so right away.

We will have one member of our team opening and depositing the gifts, so that we can fund this trip as we go, and pay the pressing bills we have back here right now!

This trip will cost at least $4,000, but we will get many times that in media coverage for the babies. Please Help Today if you Can.
We have pressing bills here, plus the cost of this battle.

God bless you, and Long life to you, 

Randall Terry

P.S. Watch our tour on my TV show at www.TerryCast.com. We will broadcast Monday through Friday at 4:30 P.M. at www.TerryCast.com. I urge you; hold a protest in your community against Kagan. Go to TerryCast.com and click “Orders.” And please, send whatever you can right away to help us. Call 904-687 9804 to reach us on the road.
Randall, I’ll help you on your “boneless chicken tour.” Keep up the fight!
Here’s my gift of: $10 $25 $50 $100 $500 $1000 Other______ Put $ _______on my credit card:
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 I will give $______ per month for the next 3 months.  Put that amount on my Credit Card monthly.
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Make check to: Operation Rescue or Society for Truth and Justice. PO Box 23775, Wash DC 20026

Gifts are not tax-deductible. Donate online at www.OverturnRoe.co

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