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Monday, July 26, 2010


George Offerman

The news is coming out that the White House not only knew about the early release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi, but actually may have participated in a prisoner for drilling swap with the Libyans and BP. By virtue of using this particular individual, the White House has sunk to one of the lowest levels one can even imagine, and yet they are now out there covering for their lies. If proven to be true, this would be depravity taken to the lowest possible degree, even by the horrible standards of this group of sociopaths in the White House

It is one thing to have been really surprised by this release, but it is a totally different matter when the release was negotiated and bargained for, and then outright lied about when the facts emerge. This thug knowingly blew up a plane that was carrying nearly all Americans, and many were young co-eds from the University of Syracuse. The fact that this White House is going out of its way to appease Muslims is most disgusting, and a very obvious slap in the face of most sensible Americans, Christians, and especially the families and friends of the Victims.

Only a group of sociopaths would have participated in, or even thought about such a scheme as this. Only a group of sociopaths would think nothing of lying about the facts to cover their @$$e$, while they then try to lay the blame on others who had nothing to do with this. Only a group of sociopaths would lie, and then accuse those who are telling the truth of being the liars. This group of sociopaths is what the simple majority of Americans elected nearly two years ago and wanted in office. For those who voted for this Chicago-land (Kenyan) Clown: do you like the Change we can all believe in now? From Obamination on down to Sickretary of State Hellery, they all MINIMALLY need to be thrown out of office, if not outright jailed.

How is it that these sociopaths can punish the law abiding by stealing their productivity, and giving it to the law breakers and rewarding their deviancy? The same way they can advocate for the release of a cold blooded murderer in the ‘name of compassion’ while advocating for the blatant slaughter of the most innocent in the name of ‘choice’. How anyone, knowing any of these facts can continue to support these thugs shows how low we have gone on the morality front. It seems that as each day goes by, these sociopaths become more brazen in their contempt for this country, its freedoms, and its people. The only oppression going on in America nowadays is against the law abiding and true citizens. Everyone else is safe, and can do pretty much what they want.

When is enough going to be enough? Where is the line at which the average American will say ‘this is it’? How much crime and pain will we allow these sociopaths to inflict before we give some back in return? This truly is the time to begin looking at civil disobedience as a real option, as the sociopaths in charge see no issue with stealing and using intimidation as a means to obtain their goals. We, as citizens need to start ‘thinking outside the box’ in our responses to these thugs. Freedom requires it.

Britain to ration health care

In a not unpredictable fashion, the British have announced ‘draconian’ health care cuts in the form of rationing, due to budgetary constraints. Why those in Britain are ‘shocked’ is beyond understanding, as they are running out of money, and the elites have seen the common man as nothing better than cattle. This will be the story in America, and we need to note what is happening over seas before this hellish system is up and running. (notice most of the cuts surround end of life issues, elective surgeries, and obesity issues).


It is inevitable that we will suffer the same fate, as our debt puts Britain’s to shame. We need to make sure we are doing the best for ourselves, and have as like contact and dependency upon the health care system as possible. After all, our health is our responsibility, and we need to do our best in taking care of our own bodies.

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