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Thursday, July 1, 2010


George Offerman

Now that the Kagan hearings have concluded, and the supposed ‘tough guy’ republicans asked their ‘tough questions’, Kagan will most likely become the next Associate Justice on the Supreme Court. It would seem that the Republicans are going to do their typical dog and pony act and lament how they couldn’t really do anything about it, but at least ‘fought’ for the cause. So, is it this type of leadership that we want representing our interests?

The GOP has done very little for the cause of life, and they are doing just enough now to fill their coffers for re election. Many of the GOP senators asked or requested of Kagan to read things such as the Federalist papers, and consider technological advances in viability of keeping Fetuses alive outside of the womb. (Aren’t these the same people who gave Wall Street a blank check, and asked them to police themselves?). I’m sure Ms. Kagan raced home after the hearings, and curled up next to her electronic fireplace, to read the founding fathers documents, and then surfed the web to research the advances in technology to keep babies alive.

The lip service these Senators gave over the past few days shows how little they actually regard life. All I keep hearing from the pro life side is we need to keep re electing them because the alternative is worse. Worse than what? If at the end of the day, babies are being unmercifully slaughtered, then what difference does it make who is in office? If one really believes it is life that is in the womb, then one ought to be fighting the same way as if a teenager was facing a firing squad, or gang of thugs. I don’t think anyone would write a letter to a committee, or do an ‘impact’ study if death was imminent for a post born being.

The only one who has shown any commitment to life consistently, and has been willing to stand alone is Rep. Ron Paul, and he is really a Libertarian in Republican clothing. It is insulting for this party to have the gall to sell themselves as pro life, and to represent themselves (in some cases) as having ‘divine imperative’ on their side. This claim is very close to blasphemy, and frankly, I am very tired of this party being represented by too many Christians as the ‘party of God”. Anybody can talk big, but I want to know when we are going to see real action from these people.

The November elections are slightly over 4 months away, and it is not looking very promising. So, if the GOP does manage to take back one of the Chambers of Congress, we then have a slower death than if they don’t. Frankly, if the country needs to die, and is going to anyway, I’m more of a fan in just getting it over with. Why do we even pretend to have freedom any more, and support a party that in the end is going to sell us out anyway?

The time is so short to do anything of substance, and the strategy prescribed by the GOP is that God awful incrementalism. We need to be moving at the speed of sound, and they are talking about a snail’s pace. Those in the GOP don’t seem to be aware of the significance of the times we are in, and what it may take to avoid what is now appearing to be a certainty. As I have advocated fro quite some time, it is time for us as individuals to take care of ourselves and our needs, and not put any faith into these people who are bought and paid for by forces way bigger than most of us will understand. Faith in the right places and beings will pay huge dividends, but the right place and beings are not located in Washington, D.C.

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