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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


George Offerman

It is with great irony that there are those who are speaking of ridding society of air conditioning, after one of the hottest spells in the D.C. area. This would be very laughable if it weren’t for the fact that these green weenies are dead serious about it. It seems these are the same people who insist issues like legalized child killing are matters of ‘privacy’ and ‘we cannot dictate what a woman does with her body’. Now we have these very confused idiots now telling us they, in fact, do have a right to tell us what to do with our bodies.

If one remembers going back several years, Europe had a very stifling heat wave. It was reported that over 30,000 elderly passed away, due to the excessive heat, and the various governments did nothing to help in this situation, and in fact, forbid emergency assistance, due to violating some ‘green’ laws. So, in the name of saving the planet, 30,000 elderly paid the ultimate price. They didn’t have the right to protect their own bodies, despite the fact the technology existed but the ability (and right) to do so was denied them. If the greenie weenies take over, we will see this in our country. Is this what we want?

People like the greenie weenies are very confused, but also dangerous. They are dangerous because they are very active in pushing their agenda, and they believe they are smarter and more sophisticated than the rest of us. But the larger problem is we do not push back, and these ‘useful idiots’ of the money powers end up getting what they want, and subjecting the quiet and compliant masses to these bizarre restrictions and to the new and unproven religion of global warming and other BS that supposedly passes for science.

We will never see these people show the least amount of compassion for the unborn, because truth be told, the vast majority of liberals and the greenie weenies actually HATE PEOPLE. They are not in the least bit interested in anyone’s well being except their own, and find so little meaning in their pathetic lives that they must project their existential angst onto others. They rejoice in the destruction of the unborn, the destruction of the family, the destruction of industry and capitalism, and even to a large extent, the destruction of the environment if it suits their cause. These are very sick people, and should be medicated for their mental illness.

These people do not understand limits and have little to no perception concerning what is right and just, and moral. The latest example of confusion and imposition of wills is most glaring in the case of the University of Illinois professor, who was just terminated by the University, for explaining the Catholic doctrine concerning homosexuality. This was done via e-mail, and not in a classroom situation, and the professor was simply clarifying the official position of the Catholic Church on what should be a clear teaching.

Instead of backing this professor, Robert McKim, Chairman of the department of Religion, had Professor Kenneth Howell dismissed from his position. Subsequently, the Diocese of Peoria then dismissed Dr. Howell from his diocesan position. Neither the University of Illinois nor the diocese of Peoria are commenting, but seem to be complicit with the gay, lesbian and transgender goofballs who are at the crux of this firing. Again, Church teaching undermined by wimps so as to not offend the fruits, flakes and nuts.

It is extremely sad that some sniveling little brat complained to a group of God haters that want to spread their immorality everywhere. The University and Church complied with the degenerates, and a man, who was doing his job, is now in a crisis that truly should not have occurred. These same people insist upon THEIR RIGHT to free speech, but let no one dare to even challenge their sacred harlot without expecting to be attacked in the end. These people are absolutely sick, and could care less that this man’s livelihood was taken away because they didn’t want to hear about Church teachings, and believe they know better, and have a right to do and say whatever they want. May they get their just rewards from the Living God they despise, and soon.

Both stories reflect the sickness these evil people have, and show the depth of depravity they have in ‘shoving’ their hellish gospel down our throats. They claim to be lovers of truth and people, compassionate and caring, and want the best for everyone. They are some of the biggest liars and frauds on this planet, and actually want anything resembling true Christianity driven from society, along with those that believe in it. If you want to know what the face of evil looks like, look no further than these groups and social movements.

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