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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


George Offerman

The news this morning was rather disturbing but not unexpected, as the spokesman for the senate mentioned that Kagan’s nomination will most likely go to the open floor for a vote later this week without resistance from the subcommittee or any threats of filibusters. If this is accurate, it is truly a sad day for this country, the so called pro life Republicans, and the pro life movement in general.

As Christians, we really need to do a gut check. Do we really believe what the Bible says concerning the shedding of innocent blood? Do we really believe that blood guilt is a valid principle, and that God is not indifferent or neutral when it comes to the blatant and willful destruction of his most innocent of creation? Do we really believe life will ‘go on’ as normal, despite the fact we pay lip service to this holocaust? Are we really that inconsequential to the major stirrings of society and have no place at the table for real input?

It is really sad that little effort was put forth by the Churches and pro life movement to do much about this nominee. Little effort seems to be the status quo for the Church and pro life movement and it seems they would rather isolate themselves by not challenging the society and belief systems on the battle field. Both seem to be content with virtual protests, signing petitions that are never read, and talking and praying in little groups within Churches or homes, where it is safe, and where no one will risk ridicule, embarrassment, or God forbid, ‘offending’ someone with Biblical truth.

When one reads the Bible and considers the main players, including Jesus himself, they all had one thing in common: they were in the midst of the battlefield, declaring the truth without apology and with a boldness and authority that even the enemy admired. This is very absent in the Christian and pro life communities, and it does seem like there is a level of embarrassment in proclaiming what is the truth. We have not been trained as warriors, and as a result, don’t know how to train warriors ourselves. Our churches compound the problems by diluting the truth in order to ‘draw more in’. Lies will never be truth, no matter how much spin is applied.

What’s the next move for us? Well, to start, we must defund all of the wimpy Churches, pro life groups and politicians that pay lip service to the pro life cause, to the principles of our founding fathers and this country, and ultimately to those individuals and organizations that mock the Christian faith and refuse to teach the truth. We then need to find mentors willing to coach us in the faith and how to stand up and defend truth. We then need to engage the enemy in the battlefield take no prisoners and make no apologies for what we believe in. This will take courage, but the Lord will supply it if one only walks in Faith and acts on this. Since few have tried, few can really discuss this with any real authority, and those that have walked the Faith, are greatly ridiculed for it. But they are to be greatly rewarded for it, and the reward is eternal.

We are all called to greatness, but not in the worldly sense of the word. God thought enough of us to create us, and to place us in the age we live in, to complete a mission that only we are capable of completing. The longer we stall in doing our mission, the more difficult we make it on ourselves, if and when, we get started. These missions, whatever they may be, have to incorporate God’s laws and morality in them, and must address the issues in contemporary society. They also must point to the conversion of sinners, and reconciliation. By doing nothing, we are co conspirators in propagating sin, discord and death.

Kagan’s expected elevation to the Supreme Court is but a symptom of our problems, and lack of resolve to spread the Gospel. It is one more advancement for the dark powers, and one more piece of the battlefield we have acquiesced to the enemy. It just adds to the struggle we will eventually have to participate in, and it will require even more effort to win back than what it would have cost if we had done what we are called to do. With each line breach, we move closer to the abyss and to the point of no return.

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