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Monday, July 12, 2010


George Offerman

Now that we know the weak and sellout weenie Republicans are backing off on the filibuster, it is time for the pro life leadership to call these people out. I have been in the pro life movement since 1982, and it has always been understood that the Supreme Court has been ‘ground zero’ in the fight to overturn Roe and Doe. It goes beyond any words in the English language, to describe the inaction, sellout, and deliberate dereliction of duty by our elected officials, nearly all of the pro life groups, and especially the Churches.

Kagan has got to be one of the most unqualified individuals to ever be nominated for the Supreme Court. She is also a ‘very good friend’ of the Anointed One, and once described the anointed one as being ‘transparent, honest, full of integrity and you get what you see”. Well we know where that has gone, don’t we? This woman worships at the table of Fabian Socialism, and her heroes, who were both justices and were extreme activists and one was from Israel, and believed in laws that are contrary to our constitution and Bill of Rights. And we are doing little to nothing to stop this?

Kagan outright lied about the situation of removing military recruiters from the Harvard campus, and was called out on this. Kagan also refused to answer straight forward questions pertaining to contemporary issues, and was blasted by the likes of Orrin Hatch and others, only to have them turn tail and sell out. This woman has a checkered past in both her personal and professional life, and is about to be appointed to a lifetime position that will end up very detrimental to this country, as well as the babies, who will continue to shed their blood in the name of convenience and ‘personal rights’.

Now, for those ‘pro life’ Senators, especially Kyl, McConnell, Sessions, Graham and Hatch: Do not have the audacity to call yourself pro life advocates. You have brought shame and embarrassment to what is truly pro life, you have sold out the babies for the sake of convenience, and you have no fear of God’s law, which you so adamantly claim to be following. Do not claim that you are representing the Christian way of life, do not claim you are sticking to your ‘core beliefs’ concerning life, do not claim that incremental change is the prescribed way of doing business when it comes to legalized child killing, and especially do not claim you are in, or represent the party of God. Your lack of will in filibustering this extremely liberal and unqualified nominee is one of the greatest injustices of your careers, and has only deadly ramifications to it, which will soon play out.

For all those ‘pro life’ groups who constantly fund raise, promising that your donations are helping ‘us win the war’: Where are you? Have you all not preached that the Supreme Court is the most direct route in abolishing legalized child killing? Why are there not busloads of your groups coming to the capitol to protest this, and to demand this charade end? Where is your sense of Christian duty when it comes to showing up on the real battlefield (hint: doing virtual protests and signing petitions that will never be read). Where is your true conviction when it comes to the very obvious fight that needs to be fought? Why are you taking shots at those few who are actually willing to be on the battlefield and actually cause a ‘crisis of consciousness’ in those that need to be called out on their bad behaviors and contradictory philosophies? Where do you get off believing you have the ‘moral high ground’ when your (in) action is resulting in more babies deaths?

Where are you Bishops, Shepherds, Priests, Ministers and other Church Leaders on this great injustice and abomination that stinks to the high heavens? Where is your fearless leadership and clear teachings to lead the faithful to victory over this curse? Where is your passion and conviction in this matter? No, unfortunately the Church has voluntarily muzzled itself with the IRS and is compliant to the commands and demands of the god/state. The Church has taken its marching orders from them, and has been given its coveted 501 C 3 status, and is quite content to give lip service to the supposed ‘crisis of the century’. These Senators ought to be thrown out of all their Faith communities, but will instead be rewarded by them, and will be praised for their milquetoast and yellow bellied ‘efforts’. The lukewarm calling the mediocre “heroes’.

In the mean time, the real battlefield is nearly devoid of real warriors, and the majority of Christians, once again will be MIA on the real battle field. There will be plenty of excuses why this is, and those unwilling to engage in battle will be hypercritical of those with the God given sense to fight this fight. This is why the country is finished. This is why Satan laughs at us. This is why the milquetoast and yellow bellied politicians pay no attention to the pro life movement. This is exactly why there is no fear of God by this godless society, and why there is no end in sight for this curse.

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