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Friday, July 23, 2010


George Offerman

We are watching our freedoms being taken away at the speed of light, and these wayward politicians know they can get away with it. The dark powers are getting so close to their master plan that they can taste it, and will only encourage them to move faster. What am I referring to? The recent disclosure of the need to report to the government any purchase above $600, starting Jan 1 2012, which will require a 1099 form, which will REQUIRE you to give your social security number to merchants, with other sensitive information, that will be an identify thieves dream come true. Wal-Mart has also been placing RFID chips on all of their clothing, and thus, your purchase, and you can be traced if one has the ability to scan for these items.

The hell care bill was literally passed in the dead of night (which is where it should have stayed) and Nancy Pelosi openly boasted about passing the bill in order to know what’s in it. That is cronyism at its highest level, and totally intolerable for a supposed elected ‘representative of the people’. Now we know why they had to ‘sneak’ it through (and more nightmares are soon to follow). It explains why these hooligans put in for an additional 16,000 new IRS agents (too bad they did not fund 16,000 new border patrol agents) that will in essence, be tasked with making sure this new tax stream is collected on.

With having to fill out a 1099 form, businesses will be very burdened with the new demands of gathering this sensitive information, and informing the government of all significant purchases by the average American. This leaves very little privacy, and disallows for any significant purchases of anything, especially gold and silver (and guns). The government will then have the tools to ‘confiscate’ any of these items, as they know who has what, and where it is. (And don’t you believe for a moment they will not abuse this power). This provision has no business being in a hell care bill, and needs to be repealed. There is a movement in both Houses to repeal this section of the hell care bill, and we need to support them in this.

There is no valid reason for the government sticking their snot ridden bureaucratic noses in any more of our business and personal affairs. Their excuse is to capture ‘lost tax revenue’ to pay for the takeover of the healthcare sector that no one wants. The IRS needs to collect all of the unpaid taxes from the income stream of the PRIVATE Federal Reserve, since its inception in 1913. That amount alone would wipe out most of the debt, and bring about true parity of ‘everyone paying their fair share”. But it won’t happen. We need to be involved in the political world now more than ever, and if we don’t and things continue on as is, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Wal-Mart is ready to open Pandora’s Box by utilizing RFID chips. Where Wal-Mart goes, so does the rest of America. This abuse of privacy, along with the majority’s compliance, is only furthering the acceptance of the population to an eventual mark that will be required to participate in everyday commerce. It is unfortunate that we have gone this far in our society, that any breach of privacy can be explained away with the stupidest excuses by the powers that be, and the majority will continue to take it like the sheep they have become. We are watching history repeat itself, yet we claim to be the smartest and most sophisticated people in the best society to ever exist on this planet. It is high time that we do something, or we just might as well go into our cells now. Say no to this abuse, and make a stink about it.

Freedom is a precious thing, and it is taken for granted. Our founding fathers sacrificed too much for it to be given away in such a simplistic manner as it is. The zombified population silently and obediently walks to the slaughter, while believing the whole time life is actually getting better for them. Its time to wake up and make some changes in our lives that will bring back our God given freedoms. Send the dark powers back to hell where they came from and where they deserve to spend eternity.

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