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Thursday, July 8, 2010


George Offerman

Most Christians are unaware of this concept, and most of the Churches do not teach this aspect of God’s character. Given today’s age of relativism, God’s longsuffering is mistakenly seen as tacit acceptance of our ways or of a God that simply will let us do what we want, and who really does not mean what He has stated in the Bible. We bend and twist the Biblical teachings to mean what we want them to mean, and this is usually around justifying lifestyles and morally questionable behaviors that are ‘too disturbing or inconvenient’ to deal with. Mistaking God’s longsuffering with tolerance of our very sinful lifestyles will have very grave consequences.

Last Sunday, there were several people commenting on the ‘graphic’ nature of our signs. I agreed with them, which initially surprised them, but went on to say that the signs point out the reality of dead children, and are not the actual dead children. People were disturbed (and rightly so) in looking at the signs, but the signs only pointed out the reality, and were not the reality themselves. This demonstrated to many, that they truly do not understand the nature of legalized child killing, but more importantly, they don’t want to know about it and don’t want to personally get involved with it.

The Bible clearly teaches harming God’s little ones has very bad consequences, and Jesus stated clearly that it ‘be better they were not born, and to have a millstone around their necks and cast into the deepest part of the ocean’. The graphic nature of Jesus statement (moral/teaching interpretation method of hermeneutics) shows that God is intimately involved in the lives of people, and even the smallest of actions is noted. We have been warned that those who witness evil, have the ability or capacity to do something about it, and choose to do nothing are just as guilty as those who commit the evil. This pretty much spells out nearly the whole Christian community in America.

Our society is ever increasing in its evil, and in essence our Church and most Christians do nothing. The church is the only buffer between us and God, and when the church is derelict in its duty; God then has to take matters into his own hands, thus the term “God breaking into history”. When God breaks into history, there is no mistaking this event as man made, or without some purpose. A few examples of this were the flood, destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, tower of Babel, and ultimately the first sin of Adam and Eve, and subsequent expulsion from the garden. The fulfillment of Revelation will be the bookend to the age of sin, and may be right around the corner.

The longer God appears to stay silent, the bolder humanity gets in its transgressions. We are not witnessing a turn around, and we are surely not seeing the Church taking after the apostles, and ‘getting in the face’ of those instigating the evil. Instead, we are seeing most of the leadership at cozy dinners, comfortable lifestyles, seeking popularity and colluding with these evil men in perpetuating their beliefs that their behaviors are acceptable and for the ‘good of humanity’. Given the buffer is not buffering; a ‘historical’ event or series of events are likely to occur very soon. We need to be prepared for this.

God’s desire is for us to be in heaven with him, not to have comfort and conveniences here, and then end up in hell. (that’s not to say that those in His will cannot have peace and comfort, but those in His will are not pursuing comfort for the sake of comfort). No one can compare the brief lifespan here to eternity, and as the Church used to teach, we are in the Church Militant, and are fighting in a war that has eternal consequences. We need to embrace our role, no matter how uncomfortable, and do the job God sent us down here to do in the first place.

Son, there will be a break in the sinfulness of man. It will be quick as lightening and catch most off guard, as they willfully remain in ignorance. Only then, will it dawn on the masses that there is a Holy God in the heavens, and unlike what the long dead Nietzsche once declared, God will be proven to be very much alive and very active in the activities of man. One definitely does not want to be caught on the wrong side of history when this occurs.

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