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Wednesday, July 21, 2010


George Offerman

***warning to reader***

This posting is going to address topics that will explore areas that should not be tampered with. The occult and mystery religions are not to be toyed with, and can have lasting effects during this lifetime as well as eternal if accessed.

The thirst for knowledge is central in the struggle of man in his current state of sin. Wanting to know the future, coupled with the obsession of avoiding death and the desire for paradise is deeply honed into man’s psyche. It transcends time and society, and is evidenced everywhere in history. We also have ample evidence that many will ‘sell their soul’ to tap into the esoteric and mystical aspects of our reality, but they ultimately pay a much larger price for this knowledge than they can ever imagine.

Forbidden Knowledge

Forbidden knowledge is somewhat distinct from the secret knowledge of the mystery religions, in that it is publicly accessible, and the methods by which it is accessed are becoming more acceptable and mainstreamed. Forbidden knowledge opens doors to evil and the realm of the demonic world, which is spiritual, a well as superior to the empirical world we exist in. The spiritual realm exists with an order that parallels our world, and once one enters that realm, he is subject to the laws that govern this realm. In other words, if one tampers with powers greater than his abilities, he is subject to those powers, and these powers have rights over him.

This forbidden knowledge is clearly spelled out in the Bible. The prime example is God’s warning to Adam and Eve, to not eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God’s warning had to do with sparing Adam and Eve, and by extension, humanity from the curse of sin. It was also a test of free will to see if Adam and Eve would freely worship God out of love, versus fear and coercion that Satan has accused God of. This act began the age of sin, and the beginnings of the pursuit of knowledge that has resulted in the advancement of sin.

At the fall of man, the nature of knowledge took a turn. God propagated open knowledge and has laid out the terms of salvation for all to see and know. Satan, has hidden his knowledge, and has used the curiosity factor in enticing man to follow his ways. Satan has also abused his authority of being the prince of this world in ‘rewarding’ those following in his path to deceive those into believing the ‘light bearer’ actually has more earthly authority than the Living God in Heaven. In essence, ‘crime pays’, as evil advances with apparent ease, and those following God are persecuted and seemed to be vilified. It is in this matter, that many men fall prey to learning about the esoteric ways and explore realities they have no business interacting with.

Forbidden knowledge involves matters that attempt to glean the future, contacting the dead, manipulating the environment and people for illicit gains, and all other matters that discredit the sanctity and Holiness of God, and call into question his word as revealed in the Bible. The methods of accessing forbidden knowledge ranges from items that appear harmless, such as horoscopes, movies, like Harry Potter that glorify witchcraft, new age practices that touch upon meditation and entering altered states of consciousness, to the more occult in séances, Ouija boards, palm readings, tarot cards, satanic symbolism, certain types of music, psychedelic drugs, the practice of white magic, and practicing of Wicca and other dark arts that call upon the realm of the demonic for power. These forces are very real, and ‘playing’ with them can result in anything from mood swings to demonic possession. Any form of this occultist material should be removed from the home immediately, and destroyed.

Mystery religions

A mystery religion, unlike forbidden knowledge is a closed system. The nature of mystery religions is the passing on of hidden or esoteric knowledge to an elite inner core for the sole purpose of controlling other people and the environment. There is usually a continuous recruit by the particular groups, and the initiate enters at the basic level, to be tested by the elders and elites. There is deliberate disinformation propagated at this level and the main purpose is to cover for the real purpose and existence of this group. The group from the outside, is always painted as harmless (like the current Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission), and any violation of protocol at the initiate level is expulsion from the group. The group maintains loyalty through ‘brainwashing’ the individual to ‘appreciate’ the privilege of being considered for the group, and pledges of moving up in the ranks if found ‘worthy (Freemasonry).

Mystery religions worship a deity, and without exception, it is the devil (sometimes recognized a such, but not in all). There are the themes of the fall, the need for a savior, resurrection and salvation. Many of the initiation rites play out mock deaths and practice psychological breakdowns to access very personal information that can be used, if needed to ‘keep wayward’ members in line (Skull and Bones). Once one has reached the inner circle and has accessed the true nature of the esoteric, there is no way out other than death, as this is seen as the ultimate betrayal, and would expose the true nature of the group to the outside world. That is why all satanic worship is secret and guarded very well.

For the sake of time, the mystery religion that exists today will be covered. This is an anti Christian form of esoteric knowledge, and is in direct contrast to the Bible and what is believed in the open. The core belief of the anti Christian mystery religions centers around the conflict between God and Lucifer, the ‘light bearer’. In short, Lucifer questioned God’s authority and accused God of being a ‘cosmic bully’ in that God restricted certain activities, and truly did not give or allow beings to exercise free will. Lucifer was able to convince one third of the angels to rebel against this ‘tyranny’ and in effect was cast out of heaven upon losing this first insurrection.

Upon being cast down, Lucifer became Satan, and began to practice and violate the few restrictions placed upon all created beings, and used his free will (Which Satan still insists he does not have) to corrupt creation. Satan, as the father of lies, has been able to convince God’s creation, man, that God is truly evil, is a tyrant, and can be defeated. Satan, as prince of this world, has the cosmic authority to give to whomever he pleases, and by granting wealth upon his closest followers, assures allegiance and loyalty. This system also persecutes the righteous, and gives the appearance that God is a liar, in that righteousness is not rewarded, and that God is not actively involved in day to day life and that ultimately, Satan is more powerful than God.

Satan, in giving God’s creation and gifts to his followers (through thievery) appears to be the ‘light bearer’ and appears to be benevolent, kind and caring (traits Satan hates about God) while subtly passing on ‘knowledge’ that scarcity is the reality, that these elite deserve to have control over their fellow man, that they are entitled to be the masters of the earth, and live lavish lives. Satan has also promised a share in his kingdom (when) God is defeated (the future Babylon), and ‘guarantees’ paradise and peace. In the teachings, reincarnation and/or immortality are taught as being attainable, and are central tenets of the religion, along with the ‘special knowledge’ of attaining this state. Christianity, the ultimate enemy of the mystery religions and secret societies, is under constant attack and debunked at every opportunity. By undermining Christianity, this group is able to advance their agenda with little resistance.

The very modern version of the mystery religions has managed to infect society with such concepts as evolution, that discredits God as creator, relativism, that questions all belief systems and makes all equal, and the idea that scarcity is the rule of thumb, and that for the survival of mankind, the population must be controlled, and scarce resources must be rationed. This will take ‘overlords’ to accomplish this and Satan has the authority to give this to whom he pleases. So, from our current perspective, it looks like evil wins, and it gives credibility to the false premises sown by Satan. This system, however, has an end point, and will not go on forever.

Forbidden knowledge and the mystery religions are satanic and straight from hell. They are to be avoided at all costs, and serve no other purpose than to bring death and destruction to those who partake of this ‘forbidden fruit’. But there is a need to at least be aware of these forces to understand the times we live in, and to gauge our own actions and beliefs concerning the very influential aspects of these beliefs. The Georgia ‘guide stones’ are the perfect example of the goals of the modern mystery religions, and it is there or all to see. The dark powers are becoming bolder in their moves, and are becoming fairly open as to what they are up to. The dark powers are near transparent in their endeavors, and are getting very close to their goals of a one world government as dictated to them by their demonic master.


  1. The exegesis for the 2nd and 3rd chapters of Genesis causes nervousness, expecially among mystics. Why? Because the real sin Adam and Eve committed was anal sex--the mystery Saint Augustine almost solved 1600 years ago. (He thought their sin was normal penile/vaginal sex.) If something is wrong with this very upsetting exegesis, then who can find the error? Google "WikiAnswers-What is wrong with Robert Hagedorn's Blogs"

  2. "Because the real sin Adam and Eve committed was anal sex"

    I've heard that, as well as other various sex acts. It's rubbish. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that it isn't so prudish as to not identify specific sexual misconduct when sex is the subject at hand. The fruit is not an allegory for sex or anything that we have mature grasp of. It was either the actual ingestion of a fruit as it says in Genesis, or it was an event that cannot be otherwise described.