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Thursday, July 22, 2010


George Offerman

So, Senator Graham, you decided to be the sole Republican to support the nomination of Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court. You are making a claim that it is in the best interest to proceed with this nomination, as “We lost, and President Obama won.” This has done nothing but cause Obama to now boast that he has ‘bipartisan’ support for this anti life nominee, and you have managed to paint yourself, and other supposed pro life standard bearers as liars and frauds. It is time you start thinking about life after the Senate, because you have sold out the babies for the last time.

You made a personal reference to Ms. Kagan’s sense of humor and that you liked her for it. While this is a good trait for a party or stand up comedian, it is highly irrelevant for a Supreme Court Justice who will be making life and death decisions over the most vulnerable in this society, that you supposedly pledged to uphold. There is no humor about propagating legalized child killing, especially the grisly partial birth abortion procedure, that Kagan had personally endorsed, and placed into an ACOG document while as a Policy Adviser in the Clinton administration.


You then go on to talk out of both sides of your mouth by declaring that you have a duty as per the Constitution, to not replace or question Obama’s Judgment with your own concerning this nominee, due to having ‘lost this battle’. You then state a little later on that in your judgment, she has passed all of the ‘scrutiny’ that should be required of a nominee, which would seem to indicate you do, in fact, count on your own judgment (in certain instances, when convenient). So, it seems you can run for office on a pro life plank, which is based upon your supposed personal beliefs, and then leave them outside the door, when politically; it looks like you lost, and use the constitution to justify this action? Evidently, you must see judgments and personal convictions as relative, and can be disposed of depending upon the particular circumstances. Unfortunately, babies cannot be resurrected from the dead and change their status to living as you seem willing to change your positions on your beliefs.

You also state that Ms. Kagan seems to understand that ‘we are at war’. The one who seems to not understand we are at war appears to be you, Senator Graham. We are at war for the soul of our country, and the essence of our soul is the very basic right to life. You claim to uphold this, while Obama and nearly all of his appointments have consistently upheld the culture of death. Ms. Kagan, by her own admission, thinks like Obama, and we should be real clear by now how Obama thinks of this issue. Senator Graham, the taking of the most innocent of lives is THE CAUSE of wars, and other tribulations our country is facing. Your assertion that you will have plenty of opportunities to ‘disagree’ with the president, does not carry the moral gravity of legalized child killing, and your statement justifying your position in supporting this woman is nothing short of cowardice, and selling out your supposed beliefs.

It is becoming too much of a common mantra for Republicans like you to run on the plank of pro life, only to be sold down the river when it is time to stand up and act statesman like. You then come back with false humility, and attempt to sell your cowardice as bravely fighting for the cause. You may think that you have four years to let this betrayal ‘settle down’, and run for re election in 2014, but I can assure you Sir, many of us will not forget, and we will be there come re election time. You can COUNT ON THAT as an election promise.

Senator Graham, your career as a Senator is finished. There are those of us willing to spend the next four years fighting you, and I am sure there are plenty of good people in South Carolina who are as sick of you selling out as those outside of your state. Our country is at a most critical juncture in its existence, and desperately needs those willing to stand up for what is right, moral and ethical, and you, Sir, do not meet the bill. Therefore you must go.

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