"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Friday, October 15, 2010


George Offerman

“America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion”
Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for life

Fr. Frank Pavone could not be clearer on the need to use graphic images to ‘sear’ this crime against humanity into the psyche of America. His words ring true, and lay the groundwork for ultimate victory over the forces of death, who at this time, dominate America’s landscape. It is also true that most of the pro life movement has not had the opportunity to get their message out in this very biased MSM, and they have forever griped and complained about this bias. Well, we now have the greatest opportunity EVER to get the unvarnished truth out to the masses in the nation’s capital, and those that have griped and complained need to pony up and get the job done.

The campaign laws allow for campaign ads to be shown without editing by any of the media outlets. Mrs. Smith’s ads show the grisly truth in very graphic detail about the crimes against humanity known as legalized child killing. NEVER BEFORE has the nation’s capital been exposed to ads like this, and most likely, this opportunity will NEVER COME AGAIN. To support this endeavor is such a no brainer that even zombies would get it and fund it. Now we will see if the pro life movement puts their money where their mouths are and sends money.

Many have responded “Mrs. Smith met her goal”. Well, these ads should be running so often that Nancy Pelosi’s television should burst into flames, and the liberal establishment will be afraid to watch any programming until after the election. So it is my heartfelt request to all of the pro life organizations to not only open up their distribution lists and email Mrs. Smith’s site, but to also endorse Mrs. Smith’s candidacy, and encourage everyone with two pennies in their pockets to fund these commercials. My wife and I have donated $200 and I am challenging those out there to match, or give what they can.


I am calling on the following to link to Mrs. Smith’s site: Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Gregg Cunningham of CBR, and Peter Shinn of Pro life unity, both organizations that are at the forefront of utilizing graphic pictures and imagery in public. Judy Brown of American Life League, Joe Scheidler of Pro Life Action League, Marjorie Dennenfelser of the Susan B. Anthony List, Jim Sedlack of STOPP, NRLC, Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America, Reverend Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, Kristin Hawkins of Students for Life, Troy Newman and Jeff White, Life Site News and Life News, Jill Stanek, Rev. Bob Schenck, and Fr. Paul Schenck, and all of the numerous blogs and sites out there who are truly invested in getting the Thugs in Washington D.C. to view their crimes in progress.

There is no question these ads, and the candidacy of Missy Smith will shake up the establishment in ways they cannot even begin to imagine. This will also force the issue of legalized child killing front and center in the nation’s capital, and show in very graphic detail the nature of the deeds, and the evil behind people like Pelosi who have been at the forefront of the culture of death. We need to be rid of these people, and we need to get this message out, unvarnished and naked, and this is truly our ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity. We do not want to miss this opportunity and have the case of “I wish I had done something” come November 3rd when this matter is all said and done.


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