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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


George Offerman

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ Matt 25:40

“But those who reject me publicly, I will reject before my father in heaven." Luke 12:33

Strong words given by our Lord as he spoke about those matters that are near and dear to him. Jesus is crystal clear that harming the innocent is a direct attack on him, and those who do little to nothing are in essence cooperating with the evil that propagates the harm. Legalized child killing is the greatest harm against the most innocent and vulnerable among us, and this evil needs to be driven back to hell where it originated. This will take courage, vision, action and unification among people of good will and it needs to happen now.

I spoke to Missy Smith at length a few days ago, and she asked me why I thought many in the pro life movement are not backing her. This posting is my response to her and it will be harsh for many to read and hear, but protecting one from harsh reality, and worrying about ‘hurting feelings’ is demonic and garbage the other side wants to peddle as some sort of reality we need to live by. Great, feel good while one goes to hell.

There appears to be a multiple number of ‘reasons’ why many in the pro life movement are scurrying like bugs when the lights go on, but ultimately, they are driven by these factors: pride, fear, non profit status and the fact the pro life movement has evolved into an industry. Jesus is clear to tell us to fear not, so the fear that the pro lifers are reacting to is NOT GOD GIVEN. So, when they want to chastise me or others, I know they are not speaking from faith, but from sight (and I may add, they are in serious need of a vision test).

One is pride. There are many out there who do not like Missy Smith due to her outspokenness, or the people she hangs out with (Randall Terry). So, they would rather let their pride get in the way of doing the Biblical thing, which is to show the unvarnished truth to those in the Capitol who need to see it. Then there are those who will not donate due to them not coming up with this idea, and will not allow their ego to actually give credit to someone willing to put up with persecution to get this holocaust out there. Then there are those who think they know better, either through ‘civil’ conversation with the enemy, or with the false pride in believing the war is being won on their mediocre efforts. There are many reasons and excuses some of the pro life groups are using in not supporting Missy Smith that involves pride as the key component. God does not work through pride filled people.

Then there are those who are immobilized by fear. They fear reprisal by other ‘pro life’ groups, family and friends, church organizations, the scorn of the media, mockery by the pro deathers, and possibly the worst of all, fear of rejection by others. Then there are those who fear ‘looking bad’ to their constituents, due to the fact they have not done something as ‘gutsy’ and garnered attention to the cause. There are those who fear loss of revenue due to ‘extremist’ behaviors and tactics. There are those who fear the loss of status if they walk outside the politically correct line of ‘tolerance’. There are those who fear any resistance and challenges that takes them away from their cozy cocoon. There are many reasons and excuses some of the pro life groups are using in not supporting Missy Smith that involves fear as the key component. God does not work through fear filled people.

There are those who are immobilized by their non profit status, or the cursed 501c3 status that seems to be ‘muzzling’ nearly all of the churches and many of these groups. So, the message of these groups are ‘compromised’ as they must pass the approval of godless agencies and politically correct ‘protected’ groups in this society. These particular groups practice cowardice, as they silently and obediently follow the man made mandates that defy the law of God. They do not carry the message of God, as God does not compromise, work incrementally, or accept failure. These groups are more worried about the rejection by man over the rejection by God. These groups embody the compromised, and as such more than likely will act cowardly. There are many reasons and excuses some of the pro life groups are using in not supporting Missy Smith that involves compromise as the key component. God does not work through compromise minded people.

Finally the worst reason of all, is the ‘industrialization’ of the pro life movement. For nearly 38 years now, legalized child killing has existed, and pro life organizations were birthed as a result. Some have grown into very large organizations, with large staff and large budgets. Some also have attained a certain amount of ‘fame’ and are well known in many circles, and get invitations to ‘hob knob’ with the ‘movers and shakers’ of society. They have garnered ‘respect’ from their fellow 501c3 churches, and sit at the ‘head of the table’ when invited to gatherings. Many are sought out speakers, and paid handsomely to pontificate and convey their vast knowledge on how to win this war. Likewise, many have not done any other form of work, and would be in ‘existential’ crisis had they found themselves out of work in post Roe world from the industry they were quite familiar with. These truly represent the ‘lukewarm’ and they have lost their first love, but have done well for themselves from a worldly perspective, and even have the accolades of churches who are no better than they. There are many reasons and excuses some of the pro life groups are using in not supporting Missy Smith that involve being lukewarm as the key component. God does not work through lukewarm people.

Regardless of what the excuses and reasons are, those organizations and individuals in the pro life movement who choose to look the other way concerning this very unprecedented opportunity are denying the children, and by extension Christ himself. These organizations and individuals really need to take a good look at themselves and determine where they actually stand on this holocaust especially the next time they send out fundraising letters claiming to have the next ‘flavor of the month’ method that will ‘end child killing once and for all’. Innovation is not what is needed; perspiration is what’s needed. And Missy Smith has taken it upon herself to do the heavy lifting. Let’s not let her or the babies down

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