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Friday, October 22, 2010


George Offerman

There comes a time when an event occurs that is so unprecedented that it catches many, if not most off guard. This has occurred in the pro life arena with Missy Smith’s candidacy, and ability to access the Washington, D.C. MSM with uncensored, graphic images of legalized child killing that have put the child killing fields on the defensive for maybe the first time ever. Now, when those who are caught off guard react, it will be in one of two ways: 1) they will seize the moment, and run with the opportunity, or 2) they will be gripped by fear and run away from the opportunity. Unfortunately for the vast majority of pro life groups, they have chosen the latter, and the catch phrase being bantered around is the ‘viability’ factor.

This catch phrase has been the excuse for most of these organizations to not get involved, and justify their true intentions, which is to obey their masters and play by the rules set by them from godless sources. We have found over and over again the past two weeks, how these groups have given about every reason and excuse to not get involved in this effort, as they normally cite ‘powers that be’, such as the IRS, 501c3 status, non profit status or whatever nebulous venture they want to blame for their lack of vision and cowardice. The truly large and supposedly influential organizations have thrown out the ‘viability’ factor. This is rather laughable, given the INDISPUTABLE FACT that the majority of ‘pro life’ candidates and elected officials (such as the ‘honorable’ Lindsay Graham) don’t follow through with their promises. So, what passes for ‘viable’ is actually a fleecing of the faithful, and thievery of their money for causes that will bear little fruit.

One of these organizations is the Susan B. Anthony List. The current president, Marjorie Dannenfelser is currently embroiled in a lawsuit out of Ohio over wanting to put up billboards claiming Ohio representative Steve Driehaus voted for taxpayer funded abortion. The billboards were removed by court order, but the SBA List is fighting this, and is likely spending big bucks for this. The billboards ultimately may have had some impact in that particular contest, but the COST/BENEFIT is negligible compared to unvarnished and uncensored pictures of dead babies on the Nation’s capitol airwaves. The SBA list, like so many of the establishment pro life groups, don’t know how to fight this fight anymore. They don’t seem to understand where the most effective arenas are, and thus make poor decisions in allocating their resources. They also don’t seem to have the intestinal fortitude and willing to violate man’s unholy and unjust laws with God’s immutable truths and His laws.

This goes a long way in explaining why there are so few in public office that are willing to make any commitment in keeping to the pro life platform. There is very little recourse against these office holders if they betray the babies. However, the opposite is true for the pro death candidates, if they ‘betrayed’ their constituency. These pro deathers are AFRAID of letting their constituents down, and will tow the line, or be gone. Despite being evil and hopelessly misguided, these forces clearly demonstrate what the word ‘viable’ really means. Unfortunately for the pro lifers, it is a catch phrase, which is used to cover up cowardice and fear.

So, Marjorie, what is the ‘true cost’ of not supporting Missy Smith, or endorsing her for office? Do you really believe the cost of the billboards and for the team of lawyers compares to the mileage the pro life movement will get out of the ads? Or what about the fact that Eleanor Holmes Norton is truly one who supports uncontrolled baby killing? Is that not ‘viable’? Why CAN’T Missy Smith do well in D.C. if the pro lifers really put an effort behind her candidacy? Wouldn’t having Missy Smith’s ads run hundreds of times in the next 10 days or so be ‘viable’ for our movement? Would that not EDUCATE many in the D.C. area on the realities of legalized child killing? It may also have the effect of CHANGING HEARTS as well. Aren’t these aspects most of the pro life groups espouse nowadays? All viable things, indeed.

To donate to Missy Smith’s campaign, go to: www.missysmith2010.com

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