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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


George Offerman

(The hermeneutics piece will appear tomorrow).

I was with the warriors who will be at ground zero in New York tomorrow, for their prophetic witness, challenging the RELIGION OF PEACE to demonstrate they are the RELIGION OF PEACE. If the RELIGION OF PEACE is truly what it claims to be, the Imam who wants to build a mosque near ground Zero will take up Randall Terry’s challenge and denounce Hamas, renounce all violence against Christians and Jews world wide, and to condemn the death threats made against Mr. Terry and others who have stood up and protested the RELIGION OF PEACE violence towards those who disagree with them.

There are those who want to placate the religion of peace, and have verbalized many concerns about the potential for ‘violence’ when making any statements or challenges of those who hold onto these practices. It is very Ironic that this Imam can have the audacity to make a veiled threat to Obama and this country pertaining to the possibility of moving the location of the proposed Mosque, then turn around and state he is for the freedoms of this country, and supposedly loves it. Then, Mr. Imam, declare publicly, you believe that in this country, the first amendment takes precedence over Sharia law, and grants all American citizens GOD GIVEN rights.

Mr. Terry has sent emails, letters and phone calls to this Imam, and they have gone unanswered. What harm would come, if this Imam believes his own rhetoric pertaining to ‘tolerance’ and wanting ‘peace’ if he will not renounce the violence of many in the RELIGION OF PEACE, and insist upon building a Mosque on grounds that were destroyed by fellow travelers of the RELIGION OF PEACE? This Imam, like many from the RELIGION OF PEACE want it both ways: to have their way imposed on non Muslims, while simultaneously pretending to be ‘tolerant of differing belief systems and for those who do not believe in their way of life. It is a scam, and there is no better word for it.

The Insurrecta Nex team is risking much for the sake of engaging the majority in this country to look at this RELIGION OF PEACE and is openly challenging those in the RELIGION OF PEACE to back up their words with deeds. Those in the RELIGION OF PEACE so far, have responded with threats against these people, and have taken their anger out on other Christians in other nations. Not only does this show great intolerance, and violence, that antithesis of peace, but cowardice. They do not at all want peace, nor do they want to ‘tolerate’ any political system other than Sharia. (Ask those in Minnesota) Everything else they may claim is a bald faced lie.

If these people truly represent a RELIGION OF PEACE they would immediately denounce all death threats against anyone disagreeing with their ways. They would immediately denounce Hamas and any in the RELIGION OF PEACE that openly advocates the destruction of Israel. They would immediately denounce violence against Jews and Christians, and they would denounce the cowardly suicide/homicide bombers that plague this world. The RELIGION OF PEACE would be very aware of their tainted and violent reputation, and would clean up their act immediately, so as to insure others would actually take their claims of being a RELIGION OF PEACE seriously.

So, let the denouncing begin. Let’s see if these people are serious, and see if they have the ability or tolerance to act as they claim to believe. Let’s see if they rid themselves of the violence and intolerance of many of their believers and governments advocate as the ‘law of their land’. Let’s see if they come onto our land and attempt to ‘terrorize’ us into compliance with their intolerant ways. I don’t believe they will, and they very well may target these brave men showing up at Ground Zero. It will only prove they are lead by a master, hell bent on destruction.

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