"America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion"

Fr. Frank Pavone, Priests for Life

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


George Offerman

We continue to go towards the countdown to this very pivotal election. What is at stake is really the soul of this nation and the need to get this ship turned around and going in the right direction has all to do with how we as Christians take our Christian responsibility seriously. This means voting for the candidates who stand for our beliefs, without compromise. Too many of these candidates are ‘incrementalists’ and they try to peddle this as the right and proper thing to do, in light of the political climate we supposedly live in.

If the majority of so called ‘pro life’ candidates get elected or re elected, what is the pro life movement going to do to keep these people accountable? What is the plan, and who is forwarding this plan? Are these representatives aware of a plan? And are they going to keep their word to us? And if (when) they don’t what are the ramifications of this? And who among the pro lifers, is going to keep score, and hold these people accountable. What are the tools at the disposal of the pro lifers to keep the representatives feet to the fire? As far as I can tell, all of the answers to these questions is no.

Many of the so called prominent pro life groups have endorsed questionable candidates, and continually call for ‘moderation’ and ‘timing’ as critical, as if they have a God given right to determine for how long babies ought to die before legalized child killing is finally ended. Most of these groups have no urgency about them, and plod along as if they have all the time in the world to get this done. The means of getting this done is way more important to them than the ends, which is the whole reason the pro-life movement exists in the first place. Confusion at the top flows down to the front line people, who then believe those in ‘leadership’ know what they are doing.

When looking at the results, one can only come to the conclusion that legalized child killing will be with us until the Second Coming. The more time that passes since Roe, the more complacent the movement gets, as well as more apologetic and weak in the light of its enemies. Its almost as if most don’t believe there is life in the womb, and it is more of an intellectual exercise for them than real death that occurs to real life human beings. ‘Let’s not do anything to ‘rile’ up the other side, because that is UNCHRISTIAN!” So is allowing for the most innocent to be brutally murdered, and do little to nothing about it.

This war will continue to be lost until we ‘get it’ and step up to the plate and get the job done, by incessantly using graphic images in the most main stream arenas, taking back the language from the pro deathers, holding all of these elected officials accountable with job loss if they betray us, and forcing the Churches out of there comfort zones, and god forsaken 501c3 muzzles to speak the truth again. If these items do not occur, it doesn’t matter how many fund raisers, virtual marches, billboards, banners and marches happen, we will find ourselves under the curse of God for not sparing and intervening for his most precious beings when we know what is right, and fail to act on this knowledge.

Why this seems to be such a difficult concept for the pro-life groups to grasp is beyond understanding. If anyone was a witness to a grisly murder, they would be screaming their brains out for justice to occur. Yet we have this opportunity to expose the unvarnished truth in the Nation’s Capital, and these people run with tail between legs. There is little conviction by the pro lifers to support this effort, and in the end, all who chose to do nothing will reap the crop they sown. Unfortunately for them, it will be a ‘crap’ crop because they have only given ‘crap’ reasons and excuses why they will not get involved.

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