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Friday, October 8, 2010


George Offerman

There are those who have yet to ‘get it’ about the times and situations we are living in, and want to continue to put faith in the fiat currency that is used world wide. Never in the history of the world has every nation used paper money and not God’s money, and this is the ultimate set up for the largest opportunity in world history to transfer wealth to those who understand and obey the Word of God. No matter how much one studies the Bible; they will NEVER find any of God’s references to money as being paper script. God’s references about money are ALWAYS GOLD AND SILVER.

For one to grasp the ‘dollar amount’ I am going to give silver at the end of this posting, they first must make a paradigm shift in their head. This is similar to an adult learning a second language: they want to convert the new language to their native language in their head, and thus, it takes much longer than a child, who ‘rolls with the punches’ and is babbling fluently in a new language in about 2 weeks. So I will be referring to silver by the ounce, not by denomination like we are used to. But before that, there needs to be an understanding of what money is.

Money’s primary purpose is as a medium of exchange, in which it can be used to buy or exchange one item for another between two individuals who agree on the value of the items. Money must be divisible, durable, portable, limited in supply, a stable unit of account and fungible, and mostly a stable medium of storage over time. If we look at modern currency, it has some of these elements, but it fails in the most important aspects that it is unlimited through printing and as a result inflation is killing its ability to be a stable medium of storage for wealth over time. For all practical purposes, a $100 note is no different than a $1 note, and these pieces of paper do not have any intrinsic value. By printing more of these ‘notes’, the notes in circulation become worth less, and it is this hidden tax, called inflation, that ultimately causes the problems we are experiencing at this time.

Gold and silver, however, are very limited and have great intrinsic value. These precious metals must be discovered, mined, refined and minted before they can be circulated, and this is a process that involved a great deal of labor. An FRN $100 face value is created for $.04 and is limited only by the number of trees that can be cut down and processed into paper. When money is limited, there is no inflation, and the greatest aspect of money, holding its value to be passed on, is left intact. If one were to bury 100 oz of silver coins, and a $100 FRN, and these were dug up in 100 years, the silver would minimally have maintained its value, while the $100 FRN would end up in a museum as an ‘artifact’. There can be no comparison in a material that is rare and takes a great deal of effort to obtain, versus something that can be printed at will, and have zeros added to it by proclamation. There is no question we are at a turning point in our economic history and if one wants to have any chance of surviving intact, they’d better look at God’s money as part of the solution.

Why are the precious metals going up now? Because people around the world, no matter what religion, political affiliation or level of education know that gold and silver are money, and understand it is the safest place to be when all other forms of money fail. This was instilled by God, and all of the ‘sophisticated thinking’ will never drive this out of man. Good luck to the incompetent, inbred idiots known as the money powers, as they try to force their toilet paper down the throats of the people. Too many have woken up to the fact that this multi colored monopoly paper is worthless, and have been exchanging it for the real thing, and causing a shortage in the metals. Good luck holding the price down, you idiots.

Now, to the piece in this posting most want to see. I have long held these prices in my head, and have told a few people privately where I think the prices should be, and where they may possibly go. To fully understand the quotes I will soon give, will require a paradigm shift. One must think of money as a tangible asset, mainly coinage, and that it is the coinage in exchange for goods that is the main engine of commerce. To try to convert this into dollars all of the time will result in headaches, but also numbers so large that they will seem to be out of reality as we know it. The prices I will be quoting are coming from simple math equations and historical and Biblical data.

Where should the price be today? History shows that for much of the existence of our country, good daily wages for skilled labor was 1 ounce of silver (1 dollar). If we look at today’s average wage (source: U.S. Department of Labor) we come out with two numbers. The median income in America, including all part time and seasonal workers comes out to $16.27 per hour or $130.20 per 8 hour day. Excluding part time and seasonal, this increases to $20.20 per hour or $161.60 per 8 hour day. If we look at the nominal high of silver in 1980 at $50, and consider the real rate of inflation using John Williams www.shadowstats.com site, we come up with $178.00. So, starting with the most conservative of these numbers (and remember 1 oz of silver per day was for skilled labor) we come up with a minimal price per ounce in 2010 dollars of $130.20, to a maximum of $178.00 for inflation adjusted prices.

If those numbers are eye popping, these will truly get your attention. If we go by much of the world history, and Biblical times, the average pay per day was a denarius, which most historians and Biblical scholars agree was about a tenth of an ounce of silver. We also know from Revelation that a day’s wages again will be a denarius. So, we know that in the past, and in the future a day’s wages stayed the same. If one ponders this, it shows: 0% inflation!!!!!! That is truly in the realm of what God expects and what ought to be the way thing are now.

So using these numbers, we then multiply all of the above numbers by 10, to come up with a range between $1302.00 and $1780.00 per ounce. And this is in 2010 dollars. Considering that most ‘hot commodities’ enter what is called a bubble, and the most recent bubbles have ‘overshot’ the real values (such as homes 3-4 years ago) we can multiply these numbers by 2-3, or come up with a range between $2604.00- $3906.00 on the low range to $3560.00 - $5340.00 on the high range. One needs to study the history of money, and precious metals to begin to understand the potential in them. The price of precious metals will continue to rise because they are undervalued and are being attacked from all angles by the money powers.

The ultimate reason the precious metals will rise to unbelievable heights is because God, the creator of all things, has mandated it. The incompetent, inbred idiots know as the money powers cannot mock God, and ‘trash’ his money without severe consequences. These idiots soon will pay this price, and those smart enough to get on this train are going for a ride of a lifetime.

*special thanks to Ted Butler, Jason Hommel, David Morgan and Jim Willie for the great education

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