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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


George Offerman

I am feeling more optimistic about some of the pro lifers out there. There are those who understand that Missy Smith’s candidacy is in the right place at the right time, and that when one steps out in faith, God responds in mysterious and wonderful ways. Notice I did not say often or a lot. I have implied that God always will respond when one walks in faith, and this will be no exception. Mrs. Smith’s candidacy is going to shake up the establishment, and what it will do is to show who the real players and leaders are, versus the pretenders and frauds.

This posting is mainly kudos for those who stepped out of their comfort zones, and are in the fight. For those of you who have not yet seen Missy Smiths commercials to be aired in the ‘belly of the beast’ known as Washington, D.C, they are very eye opening and graphic. No one EVER in ANY race, whether Congressional or Senatorial, has ever used graphics and language that Mrs. Smith will be using; because they have not had the CONVICTION Mrs. Smith has to this cause. We have 20 days left to shake things up, and like many in the tea party have demonstrated, anything can happen. But we must be out there and walking in faith for this to occur.

This is a partial list of those who have endorsed Mrs. Smith in her race against the pro death, pro homosexual marriage Eleanor Holmes Norton. Congressman Trent Franks, Dr. Alan Keyes, former Ambassador and Presidential Candidate of the American Independence Party as well as fellow ND88’er, Rev. Walter Hoye, Pastor Luke Robinson, Father Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, and Ambassador Margaret Heckler. These are a few who have stepped out in faith, and see the viability of Mrs. Smiths’ run, and are not fearful of being associated with someone who is willing to show the world the truth about legalized child killing, in graphic pictures and language.

There are those less known who deserve Kudos, but have nonetheless been instrumental in getting the word out. Diane Roccograndi and Joan McKee, both ND 88’ers have worked tirelessly on this campaign from the onset and are burning the midnight oil trying to get the sleeping pro life movement to get their act together. A daunting and unenviable task to say the least. However, I am going to spotlight a gentleman that no one in the pro life circles has heard of… until today, as getting the kudos of the week.

Christopher Faulds has been a regular reader of the pro life defender blog, and has taken it upon himself to work on informing as many people as possible about Mrs. Smith, and has spent much time in emailing and contacting many prominent pro life groups and Catholic groups in this country from… France. Yes, this gentleman, from the U.K. and currently living in France has been extremely active in drumming up support for an American congressional candidate. I will list below some of the people and organizations he has attempted to contact, and will include at the bottom a statement he sent out, that captures the essence and feelings of many in the pro life movement.

I have emailed spiritdaily, catholicvote, lifesitenews, catholiccity and Wendy Curkierski Teresa Tameo, Sister Ann Shields, America Needs Fatima and RNClife.org I have also emailed Steve Ray and Peter Herbeck posted the following on Catholic Answers. Next job I'm going to try and get hold of Al Cresta.


Then Mr. Faulds sent me a blind copy of this email.

Hi Peggy,

I do not know if this is the right place to ask this question but........ I'm not in the US but am a regular reader of the Prolife press, Catholic radio and Catholic talks and I cannot understand why it seems that nobody is giving any time to Missy Reilly Smith who is running for election in Washington. A few times in the past I have breathed a sigh of a relief for America when a Prolife candidate gets voted in and then end up sighing in disappointment when they back track or water down their view. I have lived in the hope that someone would step forward who has the courage to share their faith and stand by it and I see this in Missy Reilly Smith and it seems that everyone has fallen asleep!


This young man embodies the fighting spirit we need to see over here, and he is doing more from another continent than many who are in the area, that only need to write a check, make a phone call, or simply pass on emails. Kudos to you, Christopher, and keep up the good work.

Tomorrow, we will look at the organizations that ought to be on this list, but are not.

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