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Thursday, October 21, 2010


George Offerman

Missy Smith’s campaign ads ran on the local affiliates of the major networks starting Tuesday, and they have caused a great deal of discomfort among the liberals and child killing population in the nation’s capital. For the first time EVER the truth of legalized child killing is front and center, and all of these ‘pro choicers’ are now getting a naked view of the truth of the matter. And as predicted, they are going after Missy Smith and her ‘tactlessness’ instead of doing a gut check and admitting they are co conspirators in grisly murder that occurs daily and is scheduled.

We normally watch the 5pm WUSA channel 9 news, and it was very interesting how the newscasters had to take time to explain these ads, and how they ‘had no control over content, due to federal law”. They also had to utilize other advertising time to ‘warn viewers of the graphic nature’. Yes, the same network that airs CSI, NCIS and a myriad of other programs that leave no murder and torture scene to the imagination. Anyway, those in the nation’s capital are squirming, and falling all over themselves to ‘stop’ this atrocity. I believe it was Joe Sheidler that stated “Find out what annoys the enemy, and do only that”. These people are truly rattled, and are foaming at the mouth and its fun to watch these people who want to ‘kill’ for the right to choose, yet cannot stand the thought of looking at their handiwork. For once, the forces of evil are on defense, and they don’t know how to handle it.

Several of us have been spending countless hours over the past several days sending out emails and telephoning leaders in many of the pro life organizations. What may or may not be amazing to the stalwarts and front line people in the pro life arena are the excuses and reasons most are NOT getting behind this push to have the commercials shown. Yes, there is a lot of talk amongst many groups that the message needs to get out, but now that it is, many are beginning to show their true colors, with yellow being the dominant one. When all is said and done, we will be putting out a ‘score card’ on the performance of these organizations, and letting their donors know who and what is happening, and seeing firsthand why this war is being lost.

I am again putting out to the pro life organizations to endorse Missy Smith, and to open up and pass along Missy’s site to your distribution lists. The people on your lists are adults, and have the right to make up their own minds concerning this matter, and will not donate if they don’t want to get involved. But that decision needs to be theirs. This is a very straight forward request and not difficult to do. It will require most to step outside of their comfort zones, but it is a small price to pay to finally have this issue in the open at the right time and the right place.

So, as the clock ticks, the sheep and goats are separating themselves in this movement. We will see who the real players are soon enough as this ‘once in 38 year’ opportunity winds down, and those who state they are shackled by laws and other matters, then fund raise for future races and will want to fight for efforts that garner little attention and change few hearts. We will then know who is really on board, and ultimately, know who to fund and who to work with from now on.

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