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Friday, October 29, 2010


George Offerman

In looking at the pro life landscape, there is not much going on that is outside of the ‘status quo’ for the pro life movement. It is the tea party that has shaped this election, and what remains of the pro-life movement is piggy backing up on their efforts. You see, the tea party is demonstrating passion and urgency in their message of smaller government and fiscal responsibility, as demonstrated by ALL of the candidates regardless of party. It is rather comical to see the spendthrift Demovamps now try to peddle themselves as savers and budget cutters. It just proves these slime balls are willing to say whatever they need to in order to get reelected, and nearly 50% of the electorate is stupid enough to oblige these liars.

What is interesting is how many in the pro-life movement are taking credit for the passion and urgency in this election. This can be reality tested in a very simple manner: what are the candidates actually talking about? Smaller government and fiscal conservatism. Did I mention pro life in that? No, because the pro-life movement shows neither passion nor urgency, and the candidates are not reflecting nor paying attention to NON ISSUES in this election cycle. The reason legalized child killing is a NON ISSUE in this election cycle, is because the pro-life movement is MIA. Yet there are those in the pro-life movement who will take credit once the elections are over for work done by others. And it will be reflected in the fact that no pro-life legislation will occur during this time, and there will be little outcry from these organizations.

However, the fund raising frenzy will kick into overdrive and these groups will be attempting to sell the same old and tired garbage that has been demonstrated to be sterile and faulty. This is where we are going to demonstrate, through documentation, that the majority of these organizations are shills, and not worthy of a dime of any of the faithfuls money. These organizations have no urgency or passion, and it is reflected in the lack of a plan for complete victory in ending legalized child killing. These organizations, nearly without exception, are incrementalistic in nature, and see peripheral law changes as something to break out the Champaign for. So it will be another year, and another opportunity to fundraise, and ‘boast’ about their accomplishments, while 1.5 million more babies die.

If one doubts these words, simply open your eyes and look around you. Without the tea party, there would be little going on except for Missy Smith and her ‘extremist’ commercials (which is getting way more press than all of the other organizations combined) and it would be one more dismal outcome for our side. Most of the pro-life organizations have become masters in selling mediocrity as heroic, and since most of the faithful have not seen the likes of what Missy Smith is doing, they are very conditioned into believing these inept organizations are on the cutting edge of social change and will eventually lead to the overturning of Roe. The facts just don’t corroborate this fictitious version of reality.

So, as we wind down these last few days before the elections, we will have some time afterwards to look at the scorecard and do a core assessment of what happened. It is then we will do a scorecard of those who were active in doing an activity in which legalized child killing was challenged the most, versus those who embraced the peripheral, and chose to go the ‘convenient and comfortable’ route. The countdown winds down.

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