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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


George Offerman

The clock continues to tick, and the vat majority of ‘pro life’ organizations have not gotten onto, or even mentioned the Missy Smith express on their sites, newsletters or fund raising letters. They have been silent in their endorsements, and have not sent on the information pertaining to Missy Smith’s candidacy and efforts to raise funds to show the TRUTH about LEGALIZED CHILD KILLING. These groups and individuals continue to ACTIVELY and KNOWINGLY dismiss and ignore Missy smith’s candidacy, and as such, betray this movement and propagate legalized child killing by SINS OF OMISSION. These groups may represent themselves as pro life, but in truth, they are only pro life by convenience and not by conviction.

Someone sent me a link to a story about women’s suffrage, and it is powerful indeed. These brave women decided that the right to vote needed to be given them, but unlike the vast majority of women who were pro women’s voting, these women decided to take this fight to ‘the belly of the beast’. This small band of women was determined to force this issue, and did what would be seen as ‘extreme’ by today’s standards: protest in such a way that they would be arrested for their efforts and go to the heart of the matter by appearing in the nation’s capitol and directly confronting then President Woodrow Wilson

33 women, led by Alice Paul, decided to protest right in front of the white House, and this challenged the Wilson administration directly. These women were arrested and charged with ‘obstructing sidewalk traffic’ and thrown in jail. Unfortunately for these women, the warden at the Occoquan facility gave his ‘blessings’ to 40 guards, who armed with clubs, proceeded to beat these women, and some nearly died from the abuse dealt them. This event on November 15, 1917 soon became known as the “night of terror” as this small band of women ‘dared’ to challenge the Wilson administration for the right to vote.

The brutality that occurred that night was outright criminal. Lucy Burns was severely beaten, then chained with her hands over her head to the bars in her cell, and was left there all night, bleeding and gasping for air. Dora Lewis was hurled into a dark cell, her head striking an iron bed and knocking her unconscious. Her cellmate, thinking she had died, sub sequentially had a heart attack. Many of the women were starved, and given a colorless gruel to eat, which was often worm infested. Alice Paul then went on a hunger strike, and was tied to a chair, had a tube forced down her throat, and had liquid poured down her throat until she vomited. It is reported this went on for weeks until someone smuggled this information out to the press.

Many were held for several months, and the powers that be attempted to have a psychiatrist declare Alice Paul insane in order to hold her indefinitely, and some say permanently in custody. The psychiatrist did the opposite, and declared Alice Paul strong and courageous, ‘which is not a crime’. These 33 (some semblance to another number, 88) persevered in their sufferings and convictions until they got what they wanted. On August 26, 1920 the 19th amendment passed and women now had the right to vote. This would not have happened without the courageous actions and witnesses of these 33, and in looking at what they were able to accomplish, many later stated it was worth the efforts.

Fast forward to 2010. We are going on year 38 of legalized child killing, and there are only a few our there who embody what the 33 did for voting. Babies are way more important than voting, yet those who claim to be for the babies are doing nothing but running with tail between legs. No one is asking for any of the ‘pro life leadership’ to go to jail and be beaten. In fact, no one is even asking the ‘pro life leadership’ to even break the laws. The ‘pro life leadership’ is only being asked to support someone who is taking severe abuse, with a few death threats thrown in for good measure, because she has more spine and ‘gonads’ than most of the men out there, and definitely nearly all of the so called leadership out there.

I cannot imagine Alice Paul, if she were alive today, advocating a letter writing campaign, or a ‘virtual march’ to sell her ideas of victory. But that’s exactly what the ‘leadership’ is doing in the pro-life arena. Alice Paul would be right in the middle of this and challenging and confronting those who needed to hear the truth. What we have instead is a bunch of wimps and girly men who kowtow to organizations such as the IRS and all the politically correct lunatic fringe elements that might be ‘offended’ by language and graphic images. Shame on you, leaders of the so-called pro-life groups who do not support Missy Smith. You curse the ground of those who came before you to pave the way for life, liberty and freedom. Fear rules you, and if you don’t want to carry the banner of life for babies courageously, then get out of the way, and support those who do.

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