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Monday, October 18, 2010


George Offerman

As the word gets out about Missy Smith’s campaign and the spots she is going to run, starting tomorrow, it seems the sheep and goats are separating. This very unique opportunity is proving to be a bane for many in the pro life movement, as they have been able to get away with talking tough about the ‘unfair treatment’ they have received by the MSM and society in general, and now the opportunity to get the unvarnished truth is here, and where are they? Before we get started on this, I do want to give some Kudos to Jill Stanek for writing a great piece on Missy Smith last week, which seemed to bear positive fruit. May Ann Kreitzer of Les Femmes blog also gave Missy the green light and a positive plug. Suzanne Volpe, a personal friend of mine, and very influential politically in the Northern Virginia area, has endorsed Missy, and opened up her distribution list asking for donations. Thank you to all of the above.

Now, we are running into a lot of ‘slow movers’ and those who are throwing out excuse after excuse in not wanting to financially support Mrs. Smith’s campaign, endorse her, or participate in at least sending Mrs. Smiths request for funding out to their distribution lists. It is rather telling that many of these groups claim to want to show the truth about legalized child killing, but don’t seem to have the intestinal fortitude to carry through with their promises now that the opportunity is really here. Then there are those who do not see Mrs. Smith’s campaign as ‘viable’ and thus, don’t want to commit the resources necessary to get the word out. These organizations then need to ask themselves this question: Why are we in the business in claiming to end legalized child killing, when we refuse to show the true face of this horrendous crime against humanity?

I have spoken to myriads of pro lifers in the past ten days or so, drumming up support and attempting to get pledges from various groups to make a commitment one way or another. It is very interesting that those on the front lines of this war, those at the abortuaries, the prayer warriors, and the ones without having a great deal of ego invested in their projects are extremely supportive of these ads, and have donated, and passed on the site information. It seems those with a 501c3 status and others who sponsor other pro-life projects are slow to respond (if at all) and appear to give resistance towards promotion of the Ads, the candidacy, and sending this out to their distribution lists.

It seems there is a reluctance to send this information out to those who support these organizations for whatever reasons. But what I’ve heard so far is, that the ‘man in the street’ is supportive of this, and if these organizations want to take that chance and hold out on the front line people, they are the one’s at risk of losing big time, as these folks will hear about this ad campaign, and wonder why these organizations, claiming pro life ‘to the hilt’ did not inform them of their rightful choice to make for themselves. On that day, I will feel sorry for these organizations, as they send out their fund raising letters, pushing the next billboard, virtual protest or letter writing campaign, when they ignored the best opportunity that has come along EVER, to get the word out. The people on their distribution lists will begin to see through the smoke and mirrors, and begin to wonder why they are sending in their hard earned money to organizations that concede the battlefield for convenience, and ignore the true warriors.

As far as the viability of Mrs. Smith candidacy is concerned, I challenge the head of the DC Republican committee to come up with the last Republican candidate that won anything in DC, lets say, in the past century. By virtue Mrs. Smith is the Republican candidate, makes her viable. Or should we just go with shutting down the Republican committee in DC since they never win anyway? This is just all smoke and mirrors with the Republican committee, as well as other pro-life organizations that do not support Mrs. Smith due to the ‘viability’ charge. There are other issues here, and these organizations don’t seem to have the integrity to take a cold hard look at their motives.

The day of reckoning will soon be here. The election will happen, and the score will be tallied. Many will be put on the scales of faith and justice, and be found wanting. There will be nowhere to hide, and there will be no flimsy excuses to hide behind. It is then we will take a look at who was really in the game to win, and who stayed out conveniently to see how things would turn out. We have one of the most unprecedented opportunities in nearly 38 years, and it seems the majority are running for cover instead of running at the enemy as real warriors would.

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