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Friday, October 1, 2010


George Offerman

I was considering writing about this topic for some time, but due to the present circumstances, I decided I could put it off no longer. The precious metals markets are ‘blowing through’ highs on a daily basis, and it seems to be the cartel is either on the verge of losing control, or already has, and bad things are potentially imminent. It does not please me at all to see these turning of events. In fact, I am quite nervous, and had hoped these things I have discussed over the previous months, and have been studying for a few decades now would not occur during my time here. If what we are seeing is true to form, the clock has struck midnight, and the nightmare is soon to commence.

There are many good articles on preparation, and this posting will be similar, but written from an experiential perspective, as I have done everything I am writing about. Preparation is not just about getting ‘stuff in order’; it also has a much larger component, which involves a PURPOSE in surviving and thriving in difficult times. Surviving for the sake of surviving will not leave anyone with any sort of peace, nor will it spur them on to create a better place than what they were given. One must prepare psychologically and spiritually, as well as materially for difficult times; otherwise, one may not make it very far into these new times ready to visit us.

Without first accepting the fact that things can get that bad, one will not act on any of this information. The only way that one can be prepared psychologically, is to first have a spiritual foundation, which incorporates daily communication with God, prayer, reading of scriptures, being well versed in Biblical principles, and having the ability to see these principles play themselves out in the real world. This has been going on for some time, yet the mainstream Christian has been in denial, and has persecuted those trying to warn others about these matters by mockery and derision. It is only their own ignorance of basic principles that is really reflected in their derision of those who dare wake them from their comatose existence.

One has to be willing to detach themselves from everything they think they know, including any material possessions that will interfere in having to ‘get out of Dodge’ in a moment’s notice. The way of things as we have known them is ready to change, and we need to be prepared. So the first and foremost task of preparation is spiritual. We need to pray, and train ourselves to hear the voice of God and be ready to act on this, regardless of what seems to be very negative consequences. When spiritual preparedness takes place, there will be a psychological preparedness, which will come in the form of acceptance, peace, and action. The action will be purpose driven and will have specific goals and objectives to be met.

The greatest need will be water, food, shelter and clothing, in that order. One cannot live but mere days without water, and securing water in a panic may be nearly impossible. Water can be purchased in 5 gallon containers that will last for years, for about $19. The easiest preparation for water is to secure plastic garbage cans with tight fitting lids, which can be filled by a garden hose easily. Rain barrels under gutters are another possibility, and are easy to find and purchase. Then one needs to have UNSCENTED bleach to purify rain water, or other water that may be found in an emergency. Digging a well may be a possibility, but not practical. A water purification system would be the best, but may not be financially viable for many. Berkey makes the best, but is pricey.

Food wise, the best bang for the buck is bulk rice, purchased for about $15 for 50lb bag. Make sure you have a container that will keep all sorts of ‘wildlife’ out. Canned bulk foods are the next bargain, and any dried goods, like pasta will work on a pinch. (Remember to buy spices for the food too). If one has the means, there are online stores that sell MRE’s (meals ready to eat) as well as freeze dried foods good for up to 30 years storage. My favorite site is www.survivormall.com All of the food items should be kept in a cool dark place if possible, and rotated as needed.

The topic of shelter has two components to it: preparing your home if you plan, or have to stay in the area, or having an alternative location to go to if things go south. Flashlights, candles, first aid kit, medicine, clothing, cook stove and heating source if possible and rudimentary self defense items are necessary to assure success if staying in an urban location. Many have cautioned that using a generator, or having alternative power sources could make a home a magnet for what could be roving bands of thugs if hunger and thirst become prevalent. Having a 3 day ‘emergency’ backpack for each person in the home is necessary, in case the need to abandon the primary residence is imperative.

If an alternative location is arranged, you must be sure you can get to it, and if there are not others there waiting for you, you must be prepared to deal with ‘squatters’ who may have found your stash and would be prepared to fight you for it. There are those who argue what is better, staying put, versus trying to get to another location. There are advantages and liabilities for both, but this is what you need to decide. But one ought to be prepared to have to leave either location due to unforeseen circumstances beyond your control.

Have a plan in place. Family members ought to know where to meet, and in case of communication breakdown, should wait at a location, or have ways of communicating with each other via signals (spray paint symbols on the property somewhere). Have a wind up radio, and walkie talkies in a metal container (this will protect against an EMP wave). Stick together no matter what, and move together, with proper supplies and…

Last topic of: self defense. This is where one needs to pray and discern as far as the level they are willing to go for self defense. I believe it is true that we have a right to bear arms, but it is also true that if one decides to go this route, they better be prepared to use them, and deal with the consequences. One can get pepper spray for about $8 per 6 spray container. This is very effective in immobilizing an assailant. There are stun guns and tasers that can be purchased, but pricey. One could also take many of the urban self defense courses offered, but again they are pricey. The biggest thing to remember is; fear filled people are dangerous people, and you cannot count on any level of civility during times of crisis, so don’t be surprised if one sees very bad behaviors from individuals who seemed very ‘laid back’ during calmer times. In fact, if YOU don’t prepare, YOU could be one of those thugs. We are all capable of the most despicable behavior, and don’t you think differently.

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