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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

AMERICA: 7-4-1776 TO 3-23-2010

George Offerman

So, bye-bye miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
And them good ole boys were drinking whiskey and Rye
Singing ‘this will be the day that I die”
“this will be the day that I die”

American Pie

Don McLean

For many, there is a sense of heaviness and sadness as the realization sinks in that our country is finished. Freedoms have disappeared right before our eyes, and other than the tea party movement there seems to be little fight from the population. The greatness of this country seems to be lost to those who continually trash the founding fathers, and the belief in God that was the guiding force behind this dream of freedom I hardly recognize this country from the one I grew up in. and it saddens me that my children do not know the America I did. This is a time to grieve what was, but it is also a time to strategize and make moves that will benefit the individual, their family, and community.

There is too much to write about this morning, but the disaster continues with the blood sucking vampires and their co conspirator, the harlot in scarlet. Unbelievably, the USCCB came out with their ‘strongest statement’ against hell care on Saturday night. The only reaction this should have received was outrage by the faithful that this weak, inconsequential band waited until it was nearly impossible to change the nature of the debate. Now, they can fund raise, and supposedly have a clear conscious that they tried to do something about it. What sell outs, and wimps, and harlots.

The Vanguard of St. Catherine made international news, with their press release and statement outside of St. Peter’s in Rome. The timing could not have been better as they were the first to react to this Obamination, and did the absolutely proper thing by insisting that Pelosi be excommunicated for her stance on legalized child killing. And to think this woman prayed to St. Joseph to assist in passing this hell care bill. And the Bishops stayed silent. It is so unfortunate that the laity has to do the job for the clergy, but that’s usually how it is prior to judgments. There will be no good outcomes from this, and by the time the average person ‘gets it’ it will be way too late.

It is truly up to the individual now. Government, along with the harlot church has made it very clear that the citizens that play by the rules are the true enemy. It is war upon the middle class that is really occurring here. It is very clear that if one wants good health care, retirement, and security, it is up to them to make it happen. Government, along with the co conspirator church is now the problem, and are making it nearly impossible for the citizen who plays by the rules to take care of themselves in a legal manner. It is insane to have to get permission to do anything, to be regulated into near immobility, and to have quoting scripture outlawed in most public locations and no ability to express religious preferences without fear of lawsuit, or ‘offending’ those who are too occupied being ‘busybodies’ instead of living their own lives.

The harlot church has voluntarily muzzled itself, due to convenience, comfort, and status. They have also sold out God for money, with their coveted 501 c 3 status, and in effect, allow the IRS and any other liberal organization dictate the terms of the what , when and where they can have any demonstration or discussion of religion. The harlot church will persecute its own if they step out of line, or make the officials uncomfortable, such as the Notre Dame fiasco. The harlot church bows before its new god, and listens to its new overseers with impunity, and shows total obedience to their commands.

What those of us want, who still believe in the Constitution and the Church of Jesus Christ is to be left alone to live our lives in the fear of God, love of neighbor, and working and keeping the fruits of our labors. No true lover of God would deliberately harm another, steal from them, or believe they are entitled to their labor, property and right to life. This country was great when hard work was the norm, government was small and stayed out of one’s way, and the Church actually stood for unchangeable principles, and had the respect of nearly everyone.

I fear these days are over, and it is a very sad day. To watch Pelosi and co. cheering like a bunch of kindergarteners after the passage of this hell care was an extremely sickening feeling, as these blood sucking vampires complete the process of transforming this terminally ill pt called America into an undead, blood sucking creature itself. The rot is coming, as sure as night follows day. The incentive to do well in this country, only to have the undead steal it, is gone.

So, Die-die miss American Die
Drove my government motors Chevy to the welfare trough levee
And the welfare trough levee was dry
And them good ole boys (and girls) in congress were drinking whiskey and Rye
Singing “this will be the day that you die”
“this will be the day that you die”

Nancy Pelosi and co.

American Die

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