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Thursday, March 11, 2010


George Offerman

Isn’t it interesting how the pro death side always wants to clarify that legalized child killing is a blessing in disguise, and that most of the sacrificed children were ‘unwanted’ and that they would end up wards of the state, useless, abused, neglected and in effect, ‘useless eaters’ that would do nothing more than use up scarce resources and fill prisons. These same people want to convey their worth and values, while denying the unborn anything close to their own distorted perceptions of reality and self importance they give themselves.

Well, as Christian pro lifers, we tend to have a very different view of God’s creation and believe that God has a divine plan for every one of his creatures, whether we understand what this plan is or not. Killing them before birth is the most perverted form of playing creator that one can do, and it is the greatest insult one can throw at our Creator God in rejecting his supreme authority over all creation. If we begin to consider the 52 + million murdered since 1973, we can also begin to see the major changes in our society and how it has degenerated into narcissism, sociopathology, and about every other human vice one can think of.

Why many pro lifers concede this point is beyond my understanding, as I have witnesses many conversations pertaining to those for legalized child killing making outrageous statements like this, with absolutely no proof, or ability to tell the future. The pro deathers simply do not know, and we need not concede that ground to them. I tell them that if they are that miserable, they can be true leaders, and make their beliefs in abortion retroactive for themselves. (Of course, none of them do). But the point is, they are making judgments on what they want to call ‘quality of life’ issues, by trying to convey, that all the children ready to be murdered, are unworthy of life.

Those of us that are parents, know that having children is a challenge, but one that is probably the most rewarding that one can make in this life. Having and raising children is the most self sacrificing endeavor one can take on, and it is the best teacher for learning how to be selfless and learning the other virtues listed in the Bible. Why anyone, especially the Christian, would advocate selfishness over selflessness is quite stupefying, and is against Biblical values. Yet it is done all the time, and under the idol and god of convenience and comfort.

So, when one considers the 52 + million murdered, one cannot help but ask some basic ‘what if’ questions. For instance, what if we had 52 + million more citizens in this country, would we be having the same debt problems? What if we had more taxpayers in the system, would we be having the same difficulties and questions pertaining to the solvency of Social Security and other entitlements? What if e we ended up killing the next Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Martin Luther King, or other leaders who may have the God given insight to help us out of our problems and issues?

What if God heard all of our prayer requests, and sent answers through his people, that ended up murdered before birth? What if the cure for AIDS was to manifest itself through a future scientist that was never given the chance to be born? What about those who may have developed the perfect energy source to solve our ever increasing need for it? How about in the religious and political fields? How many leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and gifted people never had the chance to pour forth their time, talents and treasures to this world?

How many families will now be missing that special individual who may have been there to take care of the elderly parents? Instead of blessings, we have heaped curses on ourselves. Instead of a life of convenience, we have brought on blood guilt and the severe consequences soon to follow. Everything we had hoped for as a society is going down the drain with the lie that killing the preborn is the best solution, and their murders have had little to no effect upon us. What if we had done things differently? One doesn’t know for sure, but it would be better than what it is, and we would not be in the spiritual and physical mess we are in now. What if God decides to no longer hear our prayers?

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