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Friday, March 5, 2010


George Offerman

It should come as no surprise to the believer that the Church is giving many mixed messages in the war to end legalized child killing. In reviewing many of the headlines over the past few weeks, it is very apparent that this war is intensifying, and the forces of evil are doing a frontal assault on our faith. It is even sadder to see who some of the players are, and it is at this time we need to really be praying with heart and intensity for them.

There is the scandal within the Pontifical Academy for Life between 6 senior members and Archbishop Fisichella, concerning his statement from last March condemning the Archbishop in Brazil over excommunicating doctors and healthcare workers who performed an abortion on a 9 year old. There have been a series of questionable moves and dictates from the Vatican Secretariat of State that appear to be contradictory concerning matters of faith and morals. There are allegations of a significant number of clergy being involved in satanic worship at the Vatican by a prominent exorcist.

In this country, we have the reincarnation of the hell care bill, and the subsequent rider that will mandate taxpayer funded abortions. Then there is Hillary Clinton who is trying to push legalized child killing onto the Brazilians, who up to this time, have shown some moral restraint and sanity. We have multiple catholic politicians that continue to receive Holy Communion with blood on their hands, and too many Bishops and Cardinals willing to be complicit in this scandal.

With such an increase in intensity of the spiritual battle, one would have to wonder if something very large and ominous is around the corner. God always sends assistance when things seem the bleakest, and its beginning to seem like we are at the midnight hour in our existence here. I know I have heard many state ‘things could always get worse”, and although that may be true, things are really bad now, and it would seem the only thing that can make the current situation much worse would be judgments.

The Church has always been the one institution that has been the keeper of the faith, and moral compass for society. It now seems that it is society and the relativism that goes along with it that is dictating issues of faith and morals to the Church, and the Church is going along with this. When considering prophesy and judgment in the scriptures, it always proceeds the Churches failure to promote the truth and teach unequivocally, which again, is occurring now.

There seems to be a disconnect between what our faith is, versus what is being taught by the Church and the clergy. It is one thing for society to make right wrong, and vice versa, but quite another matter when the Church does it. It is not only scandalous, but it promotes confusion and relativism in areas that ought to be solid and straight forward. When those in charge of the flocks continue to end messages that it is permissible to kill children, and for the same people to present themselves to Holy Communion, they are betraying the clear teachings of the Church. These same individuals, like Archbishop Fisichella, save their harshest criticism for those who actually stand true to the faith, and it again, scandalizes the Church and its teachings.

The more one ponders these things, the more one may wonder how much demonic influence is over the Church, and what should be done to those who betray the clear teachings of the Church. Sadly, it seems that even Rome has bowed to the god of tolerance, as Rome is appearing weak and equivocating on matters of disciplining these individuals. It is time to speak up in matters of faith and morals, or maybe it’s time for judgment.

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