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Friday, March 12, 2010


George Offerman

Health care reform, like a blood sucking vampire that it is, will not die. It seems like this cursed endeavor is finally gone, and it comes back from the realm of the undead, and seems to have more rot than each of the previous incarnations. This is showing the magnitude of the spiritual power behind this demonically lead legislation, and the great need for our side to speak up.

The heat needs to stay on the wayward politicians, who can’t seem to make up their minds whether to vote for this monstrosity or not. There is too much debate going on concerning whether the band of 12 pro life democrats will stand on principle, or whether they can be purchased like many in the Senate were, such as the “Louisiana purchase’ and the ‘Corn husker kick back”. If these people really mean what they say, and want to be man and women of their words, they need to keep to their agreements.

The heat needs to stay on the electorate, who have been fairly verbal about their disagreements concerning this hostile takeover of 1/6th of our economy, and to continue with letters and phone calls letting these people know who they really work for. The pressure needs to continue, and it would not hurt to have alternative candidates lined up in case these people ‘forget’ to do the right thing.

However, a group that has been largely ignored in the debate (and it may be purposeful) is the silence of the Bishops in the Church. The only comments I have read recently about any public statements, is they would have a ‘problem’ with abortion language, but they are largely silent about then ramifications of this hell care bill and debate. It is rather dismaying that they have stayed silent, and have no opinions on matters such as rationing care, bureaucrats making decisions as to who may access services and when they will be covered or not. There is a lot in this bill that will ultimately dictate the terms of treatment, and one can only look at the draconian cuts that have just occurred in Medicare, to begin to understand what is going to happen if the government gets their wish and takes over.

It is beyond the rational person’s ability to explain how this group can stay so quiet during such an important national debate as hell care is. Are they that ignorant of the real consequences of this bill? Have they been bought off? Had their sacred 501 c 3 status threatened? What is going on here? There are too many questions that need to be answered, as well as some fight demonstrated from their end. As the prime shepherds of our faith, they should be leading the charge against those forces that are attempting to take our God Given freedoms from us, but instead, they are doing their best wimp imitations, and staying silent, when they should be screaming at the top of their lungs to stop this injustice.

Unfortunately, this is more of the status quo that we have come to expect from this group. They remain silent when they should be vocal and vocal when they should be silent and praying. Many have stated that if the supreme Shepherds stood up and really insisted that legalized child killing needs to end, it would be over in one year. But since they will not speak up in unison for the most vulnerable of those in society, it is not surprising at all that they will not speak up for the common man, thinking we should be doing that for ourselves. There may be some truth to that, but it sure would be refreshing to see this group get out of their ivory towers and actually interact with the ‘common folk’ and take a stand on an issue that will have major ramifications.

So, yes, let’s keep the heat on these wayward politicians, and finally drive a stake through the heart of this undead blood sucking vampire called health care reform. But we must also put heat on the most influential group, who also happen to be the quietest group in the debate, the Bishops. Write to both and let them know, silence is unacceptable, and this bill is unacceptable. To send letters to both the politicians and Bishops, go to:


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